Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: The Butcher (2006)

"Starring": Myiea Coy, Tom Nagel, Catherine Wrefred

Homicidal Maniac: Bill Jacobson (as Franklin Mayhew)

Run Time: 1:24:02
Quick Synopsis: After a car accident that kills one of their friends, five college students find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere.  After they come upon a farmhouse that appears to be abandoned, they soon learn that they may all be in danger.

Review:  Have you ever wondered what rich college kids do during summer vacation?  Apparently the answer is make awful horror movies.  This is the type of movie that this blog was made for.  It has everything that fans of awful horror movies want: bad plot, worse acting, and horrible effects.  As expected from a movie of this caliber, the only think worse than the twist ending, is the presentation of the twist ending. On a positive note, not everything in this film is bad.  One aspect that I was proud of while watching was the fact that they did not overdo their crappy effects (except for the hilarious final death).  While other low budget films try too hard to show as much blood and guts in their slashers, The Butcher finds a happy medium that makes the kills acceptable.  This one positive cannot save the film, however, as it still stands as a pretty awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Producer Michael Feifer has also produced films on real life serial killers, Ted Bundy, B.T.K. and Ed Gein.

Hidden Gem: The film teaches a great health lesson: If someone is having a seizure make sure to grab their tongue before they swallow it.

Total Kill Count: 8
Liz-Tiffany Kristensen (8:57) Cut in half during a car accident Gore Rating: 4
Atlanta-Ashley Rebecca Hawkins (23:40) Hanged on barbed wire Gore Rating: 2
Mark-Alan Ritchson (37:57) Chainsaw Gore Rating: 4
Uncredited Power Company Worker (52:02) Offscreen Jumper Cables Gore Rating: 4
Sophie-Myiea Coy (54:31) Drowned by Mrs. Mayhew in Bathtub Gore Rating: 1
Mrs. Mayhew-April Lang (1:09:31) Shotgun Gore Rating: 3
Sheriff-Nick Stellate (1:11:12) Pick Axe to Head Gore Rating: 2
Adam-Tom Nagel (1:18:25) Caught on Fire Gore Rating: 1

              Horror Film: 2.5
              Entertainment: 5
              Gore: 3.1
              Overall: 3.3