Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cut Throat (2002)

Director: Keith Walley

Starring: Luciano Saber, Kate Norby, J. Robin Miller

Run Time: 1:30

Review: I actually somewhat respect the filmmakers for flat out telling you this movie is a rip-off of Scream. Though, not enough to call this piece of shit anything other than an awful horror movie.

The first scene is basically the first scene of Scream but like most imitations done extremely poor. It actually wasn't that bad until you get yourself a little twist. Someone shouts "Cut!" and you realize the first scene was only a movie. That's when things start to slide down the shit hill fast. The acting in the movie inside the movie is actually better than the acting in the movie itself. These are some of the most annoying characters I've ever seen.

Get ready to be confused... Okay, so they're filming an awful horror movie inside of an awful horror movie,and from the way it's shot and the offensive acting, early on you can't tell whether someone was killed for the fake movie or for the real movie. I couldn't tell if you're supposed to think it was an accident on the set or there's a killer on the loose. If it's true there is a killer, no one really seems to care, and whether it was an accident or not, none of the characters could give two fucks that a girl died. It's ridiculous. So the director, the writer, producer, stuntman and actors are going around being picked off by the killer one by one, but the whole time you're just hoping the actual director, writers, producers, stuntmen and actors would die. In one scene they follow a trail of blood and I swear to God they walk like Shaggy and Scooby. Pathetic. It gets especially confusing when there's 3 people running around dressed as the killers 2 of them are the actual killers and 1 of them is our hero trying to be clever and trick the real killers. It's just chaos. The ending is basically Scream, as well. During the unmasking they go on a whole rant about why they did it. It's horrible. Then the two surviving people proceed to have the cheesiest knife fight of all time.

The few blood effects aren't bad, but they're still not as slick as most horror movies. The mask the killer wears is actually pretty creepy. The first kill was a nice one, it looked like it was from an actual movie, then the rest are just off camera kills. Lazy. You could tell no one really cared while cranking this turd out. Just watch Scream and be happy instead of watching this very very awful horror movie.

Terrible Lines:"Have your people call my people... we'll do lunch." Ugh

"You're pretty... pretty ugly." Wow.

Fun Fact: This movie is also known as "Scared." That might be the worst title ever.

Kill Count:
Ronnie (11:51) Off camera. Throat cut.
Nina (12:48) Stabbed in stomach.
Suzan (26:48) Off camera.
Colt (38:07) Off camera. Gore Rating: 0.
Hunter (1:00:31) Stabbed in back and chest. Gore Rating: 3
Hamlin (1:16:56) Shot by Heather. Gore Rating: 3
Nick (1:18:45) Stabbed by Samantha. Gore Rating: 1

              Horror Film: 2
              Entertainment: 3
              Gore: 2.5
              Overall: 2.3

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