Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review: Hatchet (2007)

"Starring:" Joel David Moore, Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond

Homicidal Maniac: Kane Hodder (as Victor Crowley/ Mr. Crowley

Run Time: 1:24:11
Quick Synopsis: Years after the deformed Victor Crawley was accidentally killed by his father, a group of Haunted Boat Tourists find themselves lost in the swamps of Louisiana where it appears Crawley is back.

Review: Hatchet starring Tamara Feldman and Joel David Moore (coming off his riveting role in Dodgeball) was supposed to turn Victor Crowley into the next horror icon and bring back the "old school American horror" genre.  While no one will be calling Victor Crowley a legend anytime soon, Hatchet does give a valiant effort in bringing back the classic American slasher.  It has all of the parts necessary to make a classic slasher: the unstoppable killer with an awful back-story, the young victims that fill all the necessary stereotypes, and other minor aspects like the harbinger.  From a pure horror movie perspective it gets the job done.  Where the movie really wins most horror fans over is the pure entertainment value.  The combination of poor acting and cheesy dialogue creates great comedy (both intentional and not) and the kills are well-done, with more than enough gore.  Overall this is a very solid awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Film originally given an NC-17 Rating due to extreme violence and gore, however, later became rated R.  Some could argue it was a publicity stunt to gain momentum for the movie.

Hidden Gems: Cameos by both Robert Englund and Tony Todd

Total Kill Count: 10
Sampson-Robert Englund (5:21) Off Camera Gore Rating: 6
Ainsley-Joshua Leonard (6:02) Limbs Ripped Apart Gore Rating: 8
Jim-Richard Riehle (48:09) Hatchet Gore Rating: 8
Shannon-Patrika Darbo (48:20) Mouth Ripped Apart Gore Rating: 9
Doug-Joel Murray (52:17) Head Twisted/Decapitated Gore Rating: 9
Shawn-Parry Shen (1:03:05) Decapitated by Shovel Gore Rating: 6
Jenna-Joleigh Fioravanti (1:03:35) Impaled by Shovel Gore Rating: 8
Misty-Mercedes McNab (1:08:38) Torn Apart Off-Screen Gore Rating: 5
Marcus-Deon Richmond (1:13:00) Ripped Apart Gore Rating: 6
Ben-Joel David Moore (1:18:45) Off Camera Gore Rating: 5

              Horror Film: 6.5
              Entertainment: 8
              Gore: 7
              Overall: 7

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