Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Basement Jack (2009)

"Starring": Michele Morrow, Sam Skoryna, Lynn Lowry

Homicidal Maniac: Eric Peter-Kaiser (as Jack Riley)

Run Time: 1:32:56
Quick Synopsis:  After coming home to find her entire family slaughtered, Karen Cook is nearly killed by Jack Riley.  Eleven years later, Basement Jack has been released from a mental institution and has begun killing again.

Review:  Honestly, there aren't too many bad things that I can say about the movie.  The acting is very passable, the kill scenes are well done, and it has a decent slasher feel to it.  In no way am I saying this movie is classic, but compared to the recent garbage that I have reviewed it was a pleasant surprise.  Eric Peter-Kaiser does real good job as the homicidal maniac, in my opinion.  No one is going to confuse him with Michael Myers (circa 1978 not 2007-2009, fuck you Rob Zombie and your awful remake), but it wouldn't  be impossible to think Basement Jack may bring a little fear into some people.  There are still some negatives of course (it wouldn't be an awful horror movie without them).  Although I understand that a back story is almost always necessary, I felt the continual flashbacks to Mama Riley  torturing Jack with electricity became annoying after awhile.  I think the first couple do the trick and the next dozen just waste everyone's time.  If you want to make a slasher, the goal shouldn't be to create sympathy for the guy doing all the slashing.  Additionally, every time there was a scene with bright blue electricity shooting all of the place I could not help but laugh.  Even with these minor flaws, Basement Jack is a decent awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Noel Gugliemi, who has played a gangster in many roles (Training Day for example) actually plays a detective in this movie.  Its also the first time I have seen him play a character with hair. 

Hidden Gem: The manager, Nathan Bexton, also appears in the movie Evilution and Basement Jack is apparently part of the a trilogy, however, there is no direct tie-in between the first two films.

Total Kill Count: 21
Mrs. Cook- Julianne Bianchi (3:51) Offscreen/Decapitated Gore Rating: 5
Mr. Cook- Silvio Fama (3:51) Offscreen/Decapitated Gore Rating: 5
Nick Cook- James Williams (3:52) Offscreen/Throat Slit Gore Rating: 5
Karen's Boyfriend (4:43) Stabbed in Back Gore Rating: 4
Dead Motorist- William Bibbiani (14:40) Face Appeared Ripped Off Gore Rating: 3
Pam Wytynek- Amanda Normington (31:09) Off Screen Machete Gore Rating: 5
Wytynek's Neighbor- Uncredited (31:33) Machete Gore Rating: 5
Officer Wytynek- Joel Brooks (32:41) Machete to Head Gore Rating: 6
Tracy Caffola- Kim Knight (52:09) Offscreen Gore Rating: 6
Tracy's Boyfriend (52:09) Offscreen Gore Rating: 6
Electrician- Uncredited (53:20) Stabbed with Machete/Electrocuted? Gore Rating: 4
Robert Caffola- Jack Sanderson (54:40) Machete to Back of Neck Gore Rating: 6
Margie Caffola- Kelly Ryan (55:26) Machete to Chest Gore Rating: 5
Mrs. Riley- Lynn Lowry (1:07:58) Offscreen Gore Rating: 5
Uncredited Police Officers (1:14:26) Heads Cut in Half Gore Rating: 7
Police Officer (1:14:33) Offscreen Gore Rating: 0
Detective Anderson- Noel Gugliemi (1:14:52) Arm Cut Off Gore Rating 6
Detective Beck- Billy Morrison (1:15:20) Stabbed Gore Rating: 4
Officer Armando- Tiffany Shepis (1:15:38) Stabbed Offscreen Gore Rating: 7
Paramedic (1:26:33) Offscreen Gore Rating: 5

             Horror Film: 6
             Entertainment: 7
             Gore: 6
             Overall: 6.3