Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Carver (2008)

"Starring": Ursula Taherian, Matt Carmody, Neil Kubath

Homicidal Maniac:  Erik Fones and David G. Holland (as Bobby Shaw Carver and Billy Hall Carver)

Run time: 1:36:03
Quick Synopsis:  Five people camping in the backwoods of West Virginia soon find themselves part of horror/snuff film directed by homicidal maniacs.

Review: I watched Carver for the first time while preparing for this review and I have to say I came away presently surprised.  The first thing that the viewer will notice while watching the movie is the poor video quality.  Because of this fact, there was no way I could not expect this movie to fall into the same category as The Butcher or even worse Mr. Jingles.  However, after watching the film I am glad to say that my assumption was completely wrong.  This was one of the best low budget horror movies I have seen in a long time.  The kills were decent and the directing was also shockingly well done.  The acting was not perfect and the dialogue was cheesy at times, but neither took away from the entertainment of the film (some could argue that it added to it).  I think it is also important to explain that this film is not for everyone.  Many would think of this as just a torture film.  Personally, I think that it is more than that and consider it an above average awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The film is based off of true events, however, I believe that it is very mildly based off these events.

Hidden Gem: Although they are supposed to be in the middle of nowhere, there are several points in the movie where you can see cars driving in the background.

Total Kill Count: 11
Gina- Natasha Malinsky (3:57) Head "sawed" off Gore Rating: 8
Male Camper- Kilby O'Rourke (29:09) Stabbed with knife Gore Rating: 2
Female Camper- Leslie Anne Valenza (29:39) Stabbed with knife Gore Rating: 5
Female Camper- Alex Demah (31:05) Handsaw through face Gore Rating: 6
Male Camper- Paul Goldblatt (32:18) Mouth sawed off Gore Rating: 6
Sheriff Quixley- Luke Vitale (1:06:33) Off Screen Gore Rating: 6
Rachel- Kristyn Green (1:08:15) Nail Hammered into Head Gore Rating: 7
Zach- Jonathan Rockett (1:13:08) Stabbed with Sharp Gardening Tool Gore Rating: 7
Pete- Matt Carmody (1:24:05) Beaten to Death with Sledgehammer Gore Rating: 8
Kate-Ursula Taherian (1:26:06) Off Camera/Shoots self in head Gore Rating: 2
Bryan- Neil Kubath (1:32:35) Throat Sliced Gore Rating 5

            Horror Film: 7
            Entertainment: 7
            Gore: 5.5
            Overall: 6.6

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