Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jack Frost (1997)

"Starring": Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel, F. William Parker

Homicidal Maniac:  Scott MacDonald (as Jack Frost)

Run Time: 1:29:11
Quick Synopsis: After a serial killer is caught by a small town sheriff, Jack Frost is sentenced to death.  However, during a car accident on the way to the electric chair, Frost is turned into a immortal snowman.  Now he plans on seeking the revenge that he promised he would get on the sheriff's town.

Review:  There aren't too many movies like the Christmas Classic.  I just would have loved to have been around when the writers pitched their idea to a production company. 
Okay so here's the opening seen, sir: Two guards are taking a serial killer to be executed late at night during a snow storm.  At the same time a truck driver is trying to deliver a new chemical that will be used to preserve a person's DNA.  Problem is they wreck into each other and there is an explosion.  Before the serial killer can escape he is hit by the chemical (which is acidic) and appears to die. But here's the catch, he's not really dead, now his DNA is within the snow and he can turn himself into a killer snowman.
Yea, a killer snowman.  I know that the horror genre has gone through a lot of awful horror movie ideas, but a killer snowman might be one of the worst (not as bad as a killer tire though).  The good news is they understand that it is an awful idea and make sure to add a lot of cheese and stupid Christmas references to keep the viewers entertained.  Another great aspect is that it has all the characters you want for a movie about a serial killer coming back to life as a snowman.  The "bad ass" federal agent who is obviously in way over his head, the cowardly scientist behind the transformation, and the corny small town sheriff who is going to save the day.  You can't be too hard on the film though; since it has some good kill scenes and does not take itself too seriously.  Overall,  it is an okay awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: This was the first acting role for Shannon Elizabeth and she is credited as Shannon Elizabeth Fadal.

Hidden Gem: During the credits there are several random phrases including, "It's page 60 and there's not a single morph." and "Where's the carrot in the bath scene?"

Total Kill Count: 10
Harv- Harley Zumbrum (5:13) Broken Neck Gore Rating: 3
Old Man Harper- Uncredited (18:45) Offscreen/Frozen to Death Gore Rating: 0
Billy- Nathan Hague (26:48) Decapitated by Sled Gore Rating: 5
Jake Metzner- Jack Lindine (34:58) Axe Down Throat Gore Rating: 3
Sally- Kelly Jean Peters (37:13) Death by Christmas Decorations Gore Rating: 6
Deputy Pullman- Brian Leckner (47:20) Ran Over Gore Rating: 0
Tommy- Darren O. Campbell (56:52) Shot with Icicle Gore Rating: 5
Jill Metzner- Shannon Elizabeth (59:35) Head Smashed Against Wall Gore Rating: 2
Agent Manners- Stephen Mendel (1:15:53) Bitten by Snowman Gore Rating: 4
Stone- Rob LaBelle (1:17:45) Forced to Eat Snowman Gore Rating: 2

              Horror Film: 5
              Entertainment: 7
              Gore: 3.8
              Overall: 5.3

Movie Link:
                     Netflix: Jack Frost