Friday, May 25, 2012

Leprechaun in da Hood (2000)

"Starring": Ice-T, Anthony Montgomery, Rashaan Nall

Homicidal Maniac: Warwick Davis (as the Leprechaun)

Run Time: 1:30:21
Quick Synopsis:  While attempting to rob Mack Daddy, three young rappers accidentally free the Leprechaun.  Now he seeks both revenge and the return of his gold.

Review: "Lep in da hood, come to do no good." That's one of the tag lines for this movie.  "Lep in da hood...come to do no good." Well at least the writers told us up front that this movie was going to be awful.  Let's not kid ourselves though, anyone who sees the title of this movie and expects oscar-worthy material to come out of it is an idiot.  Its supposed to make the audience laugh at the "hilarious" lines and the crazy life in the hood.  Too bad it is directed/written by mostly white guys and the lead character is the least convincing young rapper from the hood I have ever seen.  Then you got the greedy reverend, the Asian store owner, and the goofy old black woman.  This movie is just a walking stereotype that was made to make money off of rich suburban white people.  Saying that the movie has a small cult-like following, I'm pretty sure that their plan worked.  If you are not some suburbanite, high, or a 5 year old the laughs will be few and far between.  Honestly, I don't see how Ice-T or any other person with any respect for themselves would agree to sign off on this shit.  I understand that it is supposed to be a parody, but in order to be a good parody someone involved has to actually understand the basis of what is being parodied.  Anyway, the acting is bad, but not horrendous enough to turn you away.  The story actually does have some decent flow to it, but the plot is still ridiculous.  I may be critiquing the movie a little too harsh because there is some entertainment value here (mostly from Warwick Davis).  Overall, it is a below average awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Director/Co-Writer Rob Spera has directed several episodes of the TV show Criminal Minds.

Hidden Gem: You get to see a leprechaun rap at the end of the movie.

Total Kill Count: 10
Slug- Bleu DaVinci (5:43) Hair Pick to the Throat Gore Rating: 5
Bartender- Uncredited (25:42) Electrocuted Gore Rating: 2
Jackie Dee- Dan Martin (32:36) Offscreen Gore Rating: 0
Mr. Chow- Jack Ong (38:00) Offscreen Gore Rating: 0
Fontaine- Lobo Sebastian (43:50) Stabbed by Leprechaun's Nails Gore Rating: 4
Bodyguard- Eric Mansker (56:20) Stomach Explodes Gore Rating: 6
Reverend Hamson- Ivory Ocean(1:03:35) Leprechaun's Arm Through Chest Gore Rating: 6
Stray Bullet- Rashaan Nall (1:08:20) Forced to Shoot Self In Head/OffScreen Gore Rating: 0
Butch- Red Grant (1:21:14) Shot Gore Rating: 2
Mack Daddy- Ice-T (1:24:25) Stomach Explodes  Gore Rating: 5

             Horror Film: 4
             Entertainment: 5
             Gore: 5
             Overall: 4.5

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