Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prom Night (1980)

Director: Paul Lynch

Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Jaime Lee Curtis, Casey Stevens

Run Time: 1:32

Review: You know a movie's gonna be great when the first scene is a 10 year old girl falling out of a window to her death. They're playing "Killer" in an abandoned building and they all huddle around her yelling "Kill!" Eventually she falls backwards and there she goes! I was surprised they showed it happen. Instead of getting help, the horribly acted children all make a pact that they'll never tell anyone what happened.

It's not bad I guess, but it takes forever to get into the kills. Too much build up to the prom, not enough filthy murders. To me it just feels like the poor man's Halloween with shades of Carrie. One of the few guys that gets laid in the movie is a fat guy with glasses so bonus points for that. There's aslo an EXPLOSION. The killer rails the fat guy off of a cliff and the damn thing explodes. I didn't see that coming. It's also one of those spoiler movies where the killer is a reveal.

Some of the scenes are really dark. Literally dark, like you can't tell what's going on because there's not enough light. For it's time there's some nice gore and some really good gross sound effects.

There's standard slasher movie acting and Jaime Lee Curtis is like horror movie royalty I guess but she's never looked more like David Bowie in her life than in this movie. Seeing Leslie Nielsen awkwardly dancing on a disco floor will always be great. He plays the school Principal and father of Jaime Lee Curtis. He does a pretty solid job but he's not in it much.

It takes a while to get good but once it starts rolling it's an entertaining movie. If you've seen all the Halloweens and all the Friday the 13ths and you still want more I'd say check this one out. It's a decent awful horror movie.

Fun Facts: Director Paul Lynch has directed such TV shows as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Star Trek.

Total Kill Count: 6
Nurse (23:07) Off camera. You only see the body-bag.

Kelly (102:42) Throat Cut.
Jude (1:09:06) Stabbed in neck.
Slick (1:10:20) Driven off a cliff.
Wendy (1:20:00) Killed with axe off camera.
Loue (1:24:45) Head cut off with axe.

              Horror Film: 6.5
              Entertainment: 6.5
              Gore: 6
              Overall: 6.1

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