Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: 100 Tears (2007)

"Starring": Joe Davison, Georgia Chris, Raine Brown

Homicidal Maniac: Jack Amos (as Gurdy the Clown)

Run Time: 1:31:22
Quick Synopsis: Two tabloid journalist looking for a story begin to research the Tear Drop Killer.  As they continue investigating their story they find out themselves in danger of becoming Gurdy the Clown's next victims.

Review: Well this was a whole lot of fun.  The fact that I had it took me five years to find out about this movie is almost criminal.  By know means is this perfect, but it sure is the most entertaining movie that I have reviewed so far.  If I could describe the first fifteen minutes of this movie in three words it would be "Equal Opportunity Murder."  I don't think I have ever used this description before but think that it fits perfectly. Black Guy: Check. White Guy: Check. Latino: Check. Handicapped: Check. Goth Chick: Check. Crackhead: Check. Hot Chick: Check. Fat Guy: Check. Old Man: Check.  I have never seen anything like the beginning of this movie before.  If comparing pure kill counts maybe the rave seen from Freddy vs. Jason, but this was completely different.  Each kill was its own entity, and the entertainment kept climbing and climbing.  While you would think it would be impossible to keep up the pace of the beginning of the film, 100 Tears almost pulls it off.  Although the kills are definitely the story here, the acting is still acceptable (at least from main characters) and the plot is not bad enough to turn you away.  Between the gore and unintentionally comedy this movie is a must see awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  Joe Davison, who plays Mark, was also the writer of the film.

Hidden Gem: If you wait until the end of the credits, you will get a special thanks for sticking around until the end of the credits.

Total Kill Count: 32
Black Repairman- (9:07) Face Chopped Up by Huge Cleaver(?) Gore Rating: 8
Guy Watching TV- (9:29) Head Cut in Half Gore Rating: 7
Carlos- Eli Pena (11:15) Decapitated Gore Rating: 8
Chino Jones- William Primus (11:52) Cleaver to Spine Gore Rating: 5
Goth Chick- (12:26) Face Stomped Gore Rating: 6
Leggs McPhinney- Alanna Barker (12:56) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Woman in Hallway- (13:54) Stomach Cut Open Gore Rating: 8
Fat Guy- (14:16) Cleaver to Chin Gore Rating: 5
Janitor- (14:45) Broken Neck Gore Rating: 3
Jack- (24:09) Off Screen Cleaver Gore Rating: 0
Guy Tied to Chair (25:30) Cut by Circular Saw/Decapitated Gore Rating: 8
Guy from Bar - (29:50) Offscreen Gore Rating: 2
Mike- (43:19) Hit in head/Feet Chopped Off Gore Rating: 8
Guy Buying Warehouse (44:35) Arms Chopped Off Gor Rating: 7
Guy Buying Warehouse (44:56) Cut in Half Gore Rating: 7
Roxanna- Jori Davison (51:41) Choked Gore Rating: 0
Ralphio- Brad Rhodes (51:51) Stabbed in Head Gore Rating: 4
Tracy- Leslie Crytzer (53:29) Offscreen Gore Rating: 0
Guy in SUV- (55:29) Throat Slit/Offscreen Gore Rating: 4
Break-in Guy 1- (1:02:54) Sledgehammer to head Gore Rating: 6
Break-in Woman 1- (1:02:58) Cut in half Gore Rating: 7
Break-in Guy 2- (1:03:19) Choked by Own Intestines Gore Rating: 6
Break-in Woman 2- (1:03:29) Huge Cleaver Gore Rating: 4
Break-in Woman 3- (1:03:44) Cleaver Gore Rating: 5
Break-in Guy 3- (1:04:34) Choked/Foot Cut off  Gore Rating: 6
Break-in Woman 4- (1:05:01) Eye Ripped Out/Death offscreen Gore Rating: 6
Break-in Woman 5- (1:05:58) Decapitated/Completely Disassembled Gore Rating: 10
Detective Dunkin- Rob L. Griffin (1:18:15) Throat Slit Gore Rating: 4
Mark- Joe Davison (1:23:59) Shot in Head Gore Rating: 4
Detective Spaulding- Kibwe Dorsey (1:25:30) Decapitated Gore Rating: 6
Gurdy the Clown- Jack Amos (1:26:57) Shot in Head Gore Rating: 3
Christine- Raine Brown (1:27:37) Ran Over Gore Rating: 6

              Horror Film: 5
              Entertainment: 9
              Gore: 8
              Overall: 6.75

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