Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Nine Dead (2010)

"Starring": Melissa Joan Hart, William Lee Scott, James Victor

Homicidal Maniac: John Terry (as Shooter)

Run Time: 1:26:28
Quick Synopsis: After nine people are kidnapped, a masked man tells them they will be killed one by one if they cannot figure out why they have been brought together.

Review:  Everything about this movie can be summed up in one word: average.  There is no single aspect of this movie that stands out, but there is also no aspect that ruins the film either.  The cast does a decent job of entertaining the viewer without any breakthrough performance that would put a movie like this over the top.  The plot is also average, but there are too many aspects that are just a rip-off of the Saw series.  The idea of bringing together a group of people who all have some connection and seeing them killed one by one is pretty much Saw 2.  However, unlike Saw, the kills are unimaginative single gun shot wounds.  If this movie would have came out in 2003 (before Saw) it would have been one of the better horror movies this decade.  Since it wasn't, this film can only be seen as an above average awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Daniel Baldwin has a cameo as Detective Seager.

Hidden Gem: The end credits of the movie spell Kelley's name as "Kelly" although in the film we see her writing as Kelley.

Total Kill Count:
Christian- John Cates (21:19) Off Screen/Shot in Head Gore Rating: 0
Coogan- Lawrence Turner (33:55) Shot in stomach Gore Rating: 1
Leon- Edrick Brown (41:37) Off Screen/Shot in Head Gore Rating: 0
Father Francis- Marc Macaulay (55:13) Shot in Chest Gore Rating: 3
Nhung Chan- Lucille Soong (1:02:35) Off Screen/Shot in Head Gore Rating: 0
Sully- Chip Bent (1:10:24) Shot off screen Gore Rating: 0
Eddie Vigoda- James Victor (1:21:22) Shot in Chest  Gore Rating: 2
Jackson- William Lee Scott (1:21:23) Shot in head Gore Rating: 4
Shooter- John Terry (1:22:07) Shot in head Gore Rating: 4

             Horror Film: 6
             Entertainment: 6
             Suspense: 3
             Overall: 5.3

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