Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

"Starring": Jada Pinkett, William Sadler, Brenda Bakke

Homicidal Maniac: Billy Zane (as the Collector)

Run Time: 1:32:16
Quick Synopsis: A man who must protect a secret key that could lead to the end of the world finds himself locked inside of a motel with seven other people.  With their help, he must fight off the demon coming to retrieve the key.

Review:  This is by far the best movie that we have reviewed for the site (to this point, I am sure this will become outdated).  Honestly, I am worried that it may be too well-known (and good) for Awful Horror Movies.  The plot is your basic "demon trying to take over the world" story but it still has enough originality to entertain the audience.  The acting was pretty well done with many actors who actually have real movie resumes (unlike some of the garbage we usually review).  Billy Zane does an incredible job as the main villain.  The effects are not up to today's standards but are still done well for the time period.  For any fan of the Tales of the Crypt TV series the good news is the Crypt Keeper gives his usual role as "narrator" and is as entertaining as any point that I can remember.  Overall this is a good film that I would recommend for any horror fan.  This is not an awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  Dick Miller, who plays Uncle Willy has played small roles in several famous movies such as Terminator and Gremlins.  He also had a part in Pulp Fiction, but the scene was later deleted from the film.

Hidden Gem: Although it becomes part of the plot at the end of the movie, early on you can see Danny reading a Tales from the Crypt comic book which the TV series is based on.

Total Kill Count: 11
Sheriff Tupper- John Schuck (25:33) Fist through head /Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Wally Enfield- Charles Fleischer (43:53) Eaten alive Gore Rating: 5
Cordelia- Brenda Bakke (44:45) Head Blown off by Shotgun Gore Rating: 6
Wanda- Sherrie Rose (51:02) Shot in Head while Possessed Gore Rating: 3
Homer- Tim deZarn (51:24) Shot in Head (Possessed) Gore Rating: 3
Uncle Willy- Dick Miller (1:07:51) Eyes Gouged/Decapitated Gore Rating: 6
Roach- Thomas Haden Church (1:09:27) Eaten Alive by Demons Gore Rating 5
Deputy Bob Martel- Gary Farmer (1:11:08) Grenades Gore Rating: 0
Irene- CCH Pounder (1:11:08) Grenades Gore Rating: 0
Danny- Ryan Sean O'Donohue (1:13:08) Thrown Through Window Gore Rating: 5
Brayker- William Sadler (1:14:52) Chest Ripped Open Gore Rating: 7

              Horror Film: 8
              Entertainment: 8
              Gore: 5.2
              Overall: 7.3

Movie Link:
                     Youtube: Demon Night
                     Netflix: Demon Night

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