Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rubber (2010)

"Starring": Stephen Spinella, Roxane Mesquida, and Jack Plotnick

Homicidal Maniac: A Tire (Why? No reason.)

Run Time: 1:22:24
Quick Synopsis:  A small audience watches as a killer tire begins his path as destruction through the desert. 

Review:  Without a doubt, half of the people that watch this movie will turn it off before the twenty minute mark.  However, anyone that is able to gut it out and continue to watch will find that there is a good chance that they will enjoy the film.  The main theme of the story is the idea that many aspects of film and life happen for no reason.  I personally am not going to get into whether or not they get their message across, or even answer whether or not they truly wanted to get the message across.  I am just going to speak about the actual movie for most of the review.  First off since this is supposed to be horror movie website, it is necessary to disclose that some may not see this movie as a horror film since the main goal of the film makers is to entertain the viewers through comedy.  After getting passed the point that it is an average horror movie at best, in my opinion, Rubber is very entertaining. What's not to like about a sociopathic tire with psychokinetic powers.  There are some aspects that falter and the story is a little drawn out, but the ups are way higher than the downs.  The character who most signified this point was Stephen Spinella.  While in some scenes he was hilarious, there were others where the writers just tried too hard.  Each kill is very similar, but they still entertained me every time.  Honestly, can seeing animals and humans explode ever get boring?  Overall, you have to respect the effort that the writers gave (even with its minor flaws) and rate it as an entertaining awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  The movie bombed in theatres within the united states, grossing only a total of less than $99,000 at the box office.  This was probably not what the producers expected since the movie had a budget of approximately $500,000.

Hidden Gem:  Daniel Quinn, one of the spectators in the movie, starred in the movie Scanner Cop.  In that film, his character had the same psychokinetic powers that the tire has.

Total Kill Count:
Truck Driver- Michael Ross (25:55) Head Explodes Gore Rating: 7
Cleaning Lady- Tara Jean O'Brien (36:38) Head Explodes Gore Rating: 6
Crowd Watching Action (40:43) Poisoned Gore Rating: 0
Mr. Hughes- David Bowe (51:07) Head Explodes Gore Rating: 7
Cop Luke- Pete Di Cecco (58:09) Head Explodes Gore Rating: 7
Accountant-  Jack Plotnick (1:01:01) Poisoned Gore Rating: 0
Tire Goes on Three Day Rampage After Tire Fire- Heads Explode/Offscreen Gore Rating: 5
Guy in Wheelchair- Wings Hauser (1:12:40) Explodes Gore Rating: 5

             Horror Film: 4
             Entertainment: 8
             Gore: 6
             Overall: 5.5

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