Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blood Shack (1971)

Director: Ray Dennis Steckler

Starring: Carolyn Brandt, Ron Haydock, Jason Wayne

Runtime: 0:55

Rant: This is a 70s drive-in shit stain movie. Absolutely worthless. You get nothing from watching this. It actually takes things away. Like self-respect and dignity and hope. There isn't a plot. A dumb ass girl goes to a guy's house and says "I'm gonna stay here for the night." She has the early 70s slut face. Like she's been listening to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and getting stoned every day for the past 5 years. Wouldn't be surprised if she was raped in a filthy tent a few times. He tries to kick her out and she goes off about this stupid ghost that lives there. It's so bad it's sickening.

It's just so... ugh. Did I already say worthless? I'd rather eat a homeless guy's cum out of a Mongoloid's diaper than watch this piece of garbage. I'd rather toss Prescious' salad. It has some of the worst kill scenes ever, and the worst fight scene of all time.

There's no way to describe how bad this is. There's a whole part that comes out of nowhere as she starts narrating the movie half-way through. I don't know what they were going for, but it was rotten. They take half of the movie to show boring rodeo scenes. For no reason. It adds nothing. I don't know why this was made. Why would someone take time out of their life to film this shit?

It's 55 minutes and 10 seconds too long. I'm honestly in a bad mood right now. This movie wrecked my evening. There aren't enough synonyms for awful, for this awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Director Ray Dennis Steckler also directed a 1974 porno called "The Sexorcist." Wish I made that up.

Horror film: 1
Entertainment: 1.5
Suspense: 1