Wednesday, June 12, 2013

House at the End of the Street (2012)

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, and Max Thieriot

Homicidal Maniac: SPOILER: (Max Thieriot as Ryan Jacobson)

Run Time: 1:40:45

Quick Synopsis: A mother and daughter move in next door to a house where a double murder occurred four years ago.

I'm still not sure if this movie was bad or not.  (It definitely was not good) The acting was solid, especially the leads who all performed well with the material they were given, but something was just off on the overall feel of the movie.  The suspense just seem to come and go at the wrong times while relying on cheap scares to get a rise out the audience.  At times it loses its feel as a horror/suspense movie and more of a bad romantic drama.  I understand that the writers were trying to create some sort of empathy for Ryan (Max Thieriot) however, I just think that it was done poorly.

Now onto one of the biggest flaws of the film, the plot.  In my opinion, the writer tried too hard to trick the audience with twists and ended up outsmarting himself.  I think he should have just stopped after the first twist, which could have developed into a better story than what we were given as an audience.  Instead we were then pulled one way and dragged another way and finally left with a bad plot that somehow felt rushed and too long at the same time.  Additionally some of the scenes just seemed out of place. The editing probably didn't help the writing too well because it seemed pretty awful.  For example, after everyone already understand the end game they felt it was necessary to add another scene that just told the audience the same thing. It was almost like they had made changes late in production and just forgot to take one of the scenes out or maybe they just thought they should dumb it down to the lowest possible level.

Overall House at the End of the Street is watchable but disappointing awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The movie was shot in a format with the intent on making the film resemble older, grainy horror movies.

Hidden Gem: Part of the movie Hush which is also directed by Mark Tonderai is shown on a television during the film.

Total Kill Count:
Mary Jacobson- Krista Bridges (3:33) Head bashed in with hammer. Gore Rating: 2
John Jacobson- John Healy (4:16) Head bashed in with hammer. Gore Rating: 2
"Carrie Anne"- Eva Link () Neck Snapped Gore Rating: 1
Weaver- Gil Bellows () Stabbed in Chest Gore Rating: 4

            Horror Film: 6
            Entertainment: 5
            Suspense: 4
            Overall: 5.25