Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prince of Darkness (1987)

Director: John Carpenter

Starring: Donald Pleasence, James Parker, Victor Wong

Rant: John Carpenter. Donald Pleasence. Should be the end of the review right here, but fuck it. I'll try to crank a few paragraphs out.

This movie has a really good epic feel. From the opening scene you know shit will go down. The music really helps. Obviously Carpenter does the score and it's fantastic as usual.

Donald Pleasence plays a priest who seeks the help of a college professor and a bunch of his students to find out what this freaky fucking green swirly shit is that's being kept in the basement of an abandoned church. We find out it's starting to turn into something but just like the students we're kept in the dark for the first 40 minutes of the movie. You can pretty much guess what it's going to turn into. The Anti-Christ.

This is one of the best "end of the world" movies I've ever seen and there isn't a giant war. There isn't a bunch of expensive special effects with all kinds of nonsense and shit going on. It's alot of scientists sitting around dicking with old computers and reading texts. It's so well made and it feels so creepy with the music and the way it's shot. There's a bunch of zombie-like hobos that surround the church and give the movie a good claustrophobic feeling. Also they can send messages from the future through dreams. It's some of the most disturbing dream sequences I think I've seen.

There's a ton of interesting ideas in Prince of Darkness. There's gore, there's alot of suspense. This is one of the most underrated horror movies there are. It's up there with Halloween and The Thing as one of Carpenter's best and I'm not exaggerating. Watch this awful horror movie.

Fun Facts: Alice Cooper wrote a song for the movie. He also plays the part of a hobo.

Horror film: 9
Entertainment: 9
Suspense: 9
Overall rating: 9.0