Monday, June 24, 2013

The Fury (1978)

Director: Brian DePalma

Starring: Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, Carrie Snodgress

Run Time: 1:58

Rant: Brian DePalma's follow up to the classic 1976 film, Carrie. Why not make it about a psychic girl?

I like to tease DePalma. I'd definitely put him in my top 5 but he likes to repeat himself. This movie actually couldn't be any further from Carrie. If anything it's the action version. There's plenty of gunfire and explosions and car chases and all that shit.

Kirk Douglas plays a government official who's son has been kidnapped. Turns out it's because he's a psychic. Then we get introduced to a psychic girl who's soon to be kidnapped as well and shit goes from there. IMDB has it as a drama/horror but there isn't very much horror besides some blood. Every time the girl touches someone they bleed from an old wound. One woman gets it really bad in a great scene. She bleeds from her fingernails, eyes, ears and mouth. Then the fucking bloody mess slams her stupid head on the table.

Overall it's a pretty damn good movie. There's actually some really creepy shit at the end. It's a true climax. Gives Scanners a run for it's money as far as psychic explosions go. The music is fantastic, the blood is great. It's not as good as Carrie, but it's probably one of DePalma's 10 best. You'll have a great time with this awful horror movie.

Fun facts: William Finley has a small role in the film. DePalma fans will recognize him from Murder a la Mod, The Wedding Party, Dionysus, Sisters, The Black Dahlia and legendary movie The Phantom of the Paradise. The greatest musical of all time.

Horror film: 7.5
Entertainment: 7
Suspense: 8
Overall rating: 7.5