Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Collection (2012)

Starring: Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, and Christopher McDonald

Homicidal Maniac: Randall Archer as the Collector

Run Time: 1:21:35

Quick Synopsis:  The lone survivor of the traps set by "The Collector" must now save an innocent girl from the dungeon of the maniac.

The Collection is the the sequel to the the 2009 film The Collector.(I see what they did there) With that being said, it is not completely necessary to see the original to get a good grasp on the movie.  This is your typical search and rescue style film with a little hint of the Saw franchise mashed in there.  The lead character Arkin, played by Josh Stewart, has escaped the grasp of the Collector but now finds himself forced to help save the newest victim Elena, played by Emma Fitzpatrick.  This is where the fun begins. (Unless you like the opening mass killing of ravers...I guess I lied this isn't when the fun begins.)  Like usual, one by one the search team gets taken out, leaving the leader for the final death in a head to head showdown before the leads save the day.
Both lead roles do a solid job of not annoying the audience, most may even find them likable.  This is most likely due to the fact that the movie has very little dialogue, which I actually appreciate in a movie like this.  The Collector has his positives and negatives as a villain.  I feel as though he was brought down a few pegs as an antagonist in this film compared to the original.  Obviously he is human, but that doesn't mean that you have to make it known as much as they did in the film.  I enjoy a little more mystery in my killers.  I'm not talking about back story as much as I am the way he carries himself...something just felt off in this one.  All the kill scenes were solid and nothing made me want to turn the movie off.  However, it was missing that something extra to make it a solid horror/thriller.  Overall, I would consider The Collection a mediocre awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Christopher McDonald, (aka Shooter McGavin) who plays Mr. Peters, made his non-made-for-TV in the low budget awful horror movie The Hearse.

Hidden Gem: The name of The Collector's holding place is Hotel Argento, possibly a reference to Italian horror director Dario Argento.

Total Kill Count: 12 (Credited)
An entire dance floor- Scroll Down (11:20) Spinning large spikes (probably has a name) Gore Rating: 8
Pink- Tracy Kay(Maybe-Uncredited) (12:07) Trip Wire Blade Gore Rating: 6
Brian- William Pelts (12:08) Trip Wire Blade Gore Rating: 5
Missy+More Party Goers- Johanna Braddy (13:32) Crushed by Trap Elevator Gore Rating: 8
More Ravers- Link Above (14:07) Offscreen/Apparent Trip Wire Gore Rating: 5
Lin- Brandon Molale (30:39) Multiple Stab Wounds Gore Rating: 6
Sick Person- Joshua Burion-Mohr (31:58) Bullet to Head Gore Rating: 6
Dre- Tim Griffin (36:10) Spikes through body Gore Rating: 7
Wally- Andre Royo (47:40) Hook through the head (Poor Bubbles) Gore Rating: 7
Abby- Erin Way (56:03) Clamped Gore Rating: 8
Paz- Shannon Kane (1:02:50) Stabbed in the Shoulder Area Gore Rating: 4
Lucello- Lee Tergesen (1:04:43) Stabs to the Abs Gore Rating: 5

            Horror Film: 5.5
            Entertainment: 6
            Gore: 8
            Overall: 6.25