Wednesday, September 10, 2014

13 Sins (2014)

Starring: Mark Webber, Devon Graye, and Rutina Wesley

Maniac: George Coe as the Game Host

Run Time: 1:32:31

Quick Synopsis:  In order to win 6 million dollars from an anonymous caller, a man must complete 13 tasks.  

Everything seems to be going wrong for Elliot Brindle at the same time.  He lost his job, his father is being evicted, his brother is going to be sent back to the mental hospital, and he is about to become a father.  Plus his soon to be vampire wife could not even get her death on-screen. (Yeah I watched that awful show all the way to the end)  Obviously, Elliot is in a really bad place at the moment.  Maybe things will change with the next phone call he gets, crazier things have happened right.  Well over the next few days, the
audience finds out what depths the he is willing to go to in order to help his family.  As you would expect, things become chaotic up until the climax where the viewer is presented with a few twists.  The twists are decent: nothing too predictable or too out of nowhere.  Overall the acting is above average; Mark Webber gives a great performance as the main character.  While there may not be as much suspense as you would like in a film like this, it is still entertaining enough to overcome its flaws.  13 Sins is a fun to watch awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: This movie is a remake of the Thai film 13: Game of Death.

Hidden Gem: The ostrich that is brought into the police station is actually an emu.  (I have been pretty bad at these lately)

Total Kill Count: 14
Edgar Solomon- Tom Lawson Jr. (2:57) Shot in Chest Gore Rating: 4
Biker 1- Juliene Joyner (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 3- Regis Harrington (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 4- Tommy Clowers (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 5- Hunter Baxley (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 6- Alice Ford (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 7- Brendan Garst (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 8- Brielyn Sexeny (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 9- Eric Salas (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 10- Chris Fanguy (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Biker 11- Alvin Chon (1:09:40) Decapitated Gore Rating: 7
Father- Tom Bower (1:22:03) Throat Slit Gore Rating: 6
Michael- Devon Gray (1:24:30) Shot Gore Rating: 6
Chilcoat- Ron Perlman (1:26:49) Shot in Head Gore Rating: 7

            Horror Film: 7
            Entertainment: 8
            Gore: 6
            Overall: 7