Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Devil (2010)

Starring: Chris Messina, Caroline Dhavernas, and Jacob Vargas

Homicidal Maniac: The Devil (teehee)

Run Time: 1:20:18

Quick Synopsis:  Five seemingly random people are stuck on an elevator.  One by one they start to die in mysterious ways.

I think this movie gets a bad rap from a lot of people because of the hate that M. Night has got going his way for the last decade or so.  Sure the Happening was bad and I've heard Lady in the Water was not much better, but that doesn't mean we should forget about what he had done before or what comes after is going to automatically suck. (Except After Earth there is no way that movie is good, haven't seen it but there is just zero chance I can
see that as being good.)  The reason I bring this up is I honestly believe the jokes towards this movie are connected to the fact the Shyamalan wrote it and its fun to put his shit down these days.  Its not perfect by any stretch and there is corny shit to make fun of (jelly-side down) but this movie creates suspense and a feeling of mystery that I think is impressive.  Additionally, the reveal of the devil is pretty creative and will successfully trick the viewer in a way that still makes sense.  Even if you may have guessed who it was early on, you probably had some major doubts throughout the movie.  I know that I usually figure this stuff out before the reveal and that was not the case during this movie.  Overall, I see this as an interesting and original-ish awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The movie was not advanced screened for critics.  

Hidden Gem: All five characters in the elevator have the color red somewhere on their clothing or body.

Total Kill Count: 7
Suicide Guy (3:58) Falls from building Gore Rating: 1
Salesman- Geoffrey Arend (31:39) Stabbed with glass Gore Rating: 6
Dwight- Joe Cobden (43:01) Fell from elevator shaft Gore Rating: 2
Old Woman- Jenny O'Hara (48:11) Hanged Gore Rating: 2
Lustig- Matt Craven (58:18) Electrocuted Gore Rating: 1
Guard- Bokeem Woodbine (1:01:50) Neck Broken Gore Rating: 4
Young Woman- Bojana Novakovic (1:07:01) Throat Slit Gore Rating: 6

            Horror Film: 8
            Entertainment: 7
            Gore: 6
            Overall: 7.25