Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kill List (2011)

Starring: Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring, and Michael Smiley

Run Time: 1:35:37

Quick Synopsis:  A hit-man on his first job in nearly a year, finds himself losing his sanity as he tries to finish the final hit.

I guess I should start off by saying that this film is probably not for everyone.  If you ask around, I am sure you will see about a 75/25 split where most of the audience believed that it was a great film, while the rest of the people thought the films ending ruined the movie as a whole.  Ironically, the ending is what makes this film a horror movie.  The first
100 minutes could be considered a drama or thriller.  During this time, most of the character development takes place and a plot revolving around two hit-men completing a job for an unnamed client.  As the movie goes forward, one of the hit-men, played by Neil Maskell, continues to fall into a dark place of violence and anger that helps foreshadow the end of the film.  There are many other hints throughout the movie that will also add to this foreshadowing.  I will stay away from spoiling the last third of the movie, but it definitely develops into a horror film.  The entire film has a dark feel, but its the increases into a creepy feeling of dread about half-way through.  This is an impressively well-acted awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Michael Smiley, who plays Gal, is an uncredited zombie in Shaun of the Dead.

Hidden Gem: Towards the end of the film there is a Wilhelm scream. (best I could do)

Total Kill Count:
The Priest- Gareth Tunley (39:53) Shot in the back of the head Gore Rating: 5
The Librarian- Mark Kempner (50:16) Head hammered in Gore Rating: 9
Construction Worker (53:45) Offscreen/Shot in Head Gore Rating: 3
Construction Worker (55:07) Beaten/Shot Gore Rating: 7
Multiple Cult Members (1:19:04-1:22:38) Shot Gore Rating: 5
Gal- Michael Smiley (1:23:50)  Multiple Stabs/Bullet to Head Gore Rating: 7
Shel- MyAnna Buring (1:30:52) Stabbed to Death Gore Rating: 6
Sam- Harry Simpson (1:30:52) Stabbed to Death Gore Rating: 6

            Horror Film: 6
            Entertainment: 8
            Suspense: 8
            Overall: 7