Friday, September 12, 2014

The Final (2010)

Starring: Marc Donato, Jascha Washington, and Whitney Hoy

Run Time: 1:32:45

Quick Synopsis:  A group of outcast students seek revenge on the popular gets that have tormented them throughout their school lives.

I wasn't expecting much at all from this movie, but came away pleasantly surprised. The movie revolves around a group of students that have finally time to do something about the constant bullying that they face on a daily basis in school.  While the whole "needs get revenge on the jocks" is not a completely original concept, there are many fresh elements to the movie.  The writers do a good job of creating ambiguity on who the viewers should
be rooting for without developing a feeling of apathy for the characters all together.  The acting is hit-or-miss which you would expect from a cast of mostly inexperienced (little bit of an assumption on my part) actors.  As a whole the "outcasts" seemed a notch above the popular students but that could just be the fact that jocks are portrayed mostly as annoying, one-dimensional assholes.  I also appreciated the work the writers appeared to put in given the movie a more "realistic" feel to it.  The outcasts do not just go on a murderous rampage that would make them full fledged villains, instead they give insight to the pain that they feel on a daily basis.  There were some negatives as you would expect.  My main gripe personally was with what felt like a rushed ending.  However, that doesn't take away enough to no longer consider this a well-written awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Was chosen as one of the "8 Films to Die For" in 2010 by After Hours Films and Lionsgate.

Hidden Gem:  There were several references to horror movies throughout the movie, most notably a scene mirroring a scene from the movie Audition. 

Total Kill Count:
Ravi- Vincent Silochan (51:56) Stabbed Gore Rating: 4
Deputy Henessey- Mark Nutter (53:09) Shot in Head Gore Rating: 4
Triplet/Guard- Matthew Brown (1:14:55) Shot Gore Rating: 2
Triplet/Guard- Matthew Brown (1:21:44) Stabbed Gore Rating: 4
Andy- Travis Tedford (1:26:55 Shot Gore Rating: 3
Dane- Marc Donato (1:27:12) Shot Gore Rating: 2
Emily- Lindsay Seidal (1:28:27) Shot Gore Rating: OFFSCREEN
Jack- Eric Isenhower (1:28:45) Shoots Himself Gore Rating: OFFSCREEN

            Horror Film: 7
            Entertainment: 7
            Suspense: 5
            Overall: 6.5