Monday, September 8, 2014

You're Next (2013)

Starring: Sharnie Vinson, AJ Bowen, and Nicholas Tucci

Homicidal Maniacs: L.C. Holt as Lamb Mask, Lane Hughes as Fox Mask, Simon Barrett as Tiger Mask

Run Time: 1:31:44

Quick Synopsis: While celebrating the wedding anniversary of their parents, the Davison family comes under attack from a mysterious trio of masked men.

You're Next was what you could consider the "other" home invasion/survival film that came out in 2013.  While it was not as big of a box office hit as The Purge, it was a superior horror movie overall in my opinion, especially when you take budgets into account.  The movies greatest strength was the kill scenes. It is obvious that they knew what they were doing when it came to gore and making entertaining deaths for the audience.  There are really very few negatives that came to my mind while watching this film.  The acting is not great, but I would say that it was definitely above average for the horror genre.  A lot of the characters come off as arrogant, rich assholes but that's what they were supposed to do. There is a good chance that some of the audience will not like the twists towards the end, stating they are too predictable, but i disagree.  I think the delivery of the first twist was good while the second twist seemed a little unnecessary and created a cliched scene that really is never done well (Killer trying to explain himself to love interest).  Overall this is a good awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Barbara Crampton, who plays the mother, starred in several horror films in the 80's including Re-Aminator and From Beyond. 

Hidden Gem: You're Next has been acknowledge by many as bringing Mumblegore to a mainstream audience.  Many key players in the sub-genre play parts in the film.

Total Kill Count: 15
Talia- Kate Lyn Sheil (4:22) Offscreen Gore Rating: 3
Erik Harson- Larry Fessenden (4:36) Machete Gore Rating: 4
Tariq- Ti West (27:22) Arrow Through Head Gore Rating: 7
Aimee- Amy Seimetz (32:46) Throat Slit by Wire Gore Rating: 8
Aubrey- Barbara Crampton (37:21) Machete Offscreen Gore Rating: 6
Kelly- Sarah Myers (44:38) Axe to Head Gore Rating: 8
Tiger Mask- Simon Barrett (49:39) Meat Tenderizer (You Read That Right) Gore Rating: 9
Paul- Rob Moran (52:44) Throat Slit Machete Gore Rating: 8
Drake- Joe Swanberg (1:03:45) Multiple Stab Wounds Gore Rating: 7
Lamb Mask- L.C. Holt (1:15:58) Stabbed in Head Gore Rating: 5
Fox Mask- Lane Hughes (1:20:19) Face Smashed in by Log Gore Rating: 9
Felix- Nicholas Tucci (1:23:40) Blended Skull Gore Rating: 8
Zee- Wendy Glenn (1:24:14) Stabbed in Head Gore Rating: 6
Crispian- AJ Bowen (1:29:45) Stabbed in Neck Gore Rating: 7
Officer Trubiano- Calvin Peeder (1:31:43) Ax Offscreen Gore Rating: 0

            Horror Film: 7
            Entertainment: 7
            Gore: 8
            Overall: 7.25