Friday, October 31, 2014

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)


Director: Rob Zombie

Starring: Sig Haig, Karen Black, Bill Mosely

Run Time: 1:29

Rant: I'm not a fan of Rob Zombie. I don't think he's talentless but his style of horror is not my cup of tea. I try to forget his Halloween movies exist (we'll certainly get to them some day) and I'm not the biggest fan of The Devil's Rejects but I think House of 1000 Corpses is pretty good. For me it's his best.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Identity (2003)

Starring: John Cusack, Ray Liotta, and Amanda Peet

Homicidal Maniac: Pruitt Taylor Vince as Malcolm Rivers

Run time: 1:30:00

Quick Synopsis: Ten strangers at a motel begin to get knocked off one by one.

Identity is a good mixture of sub-genres combined to create a decent movie.  Most of the movie revolves around a whodunit that creates solid mystery.  There are several points where most of the audience will shift who they believe is behind the crime.  For some,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ebola Syndrome (1996)

Director: Herman Yau

Starring: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Ming Wan Yeung, Fui-On Shing

Run Time: 1:38

Rant: This is one of the craziest movies I've ever seen. It pulls no punches. Not one group of people goes unoffended. With subject matter like this, what would you expect? God help us all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shivers (1975)

Starring: Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, and Lynn Lowry

Homicidal Maniac:  Apartment Residents due to Parasites

Run time: 1:27:30

Quick Synopsis:  Residents of a apartment complex must fight off a parasite that is quickly spreading throughout the building.

There are two ways to approach this movie.  The first is to look at it from a psychological perspective and discuss the chaos that would ensue if the id were to take over the human mind.  I could try to get all deep and talk about the balance of id, ego and superego, but you know what, fuck it.  I am going to take the other route and talk about how crazy and disturbing this movie is.  Its like Cronenberg just sat somewhere and tried to think up all

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ax'Em (1992)

Director: Michael Mfume

Starring: Michael Mfume, Sandra Pulley, Joe Clair

Run Time: 1:11

"On a cold winter night, in 1990,
Mr. Mason, a mean and cruel
Towns man, left his job for Home.
After arriving home,
He took a shotgun
And killed his wife and
Kids. Then is mean man
Killed himself."

What the fuck? This is how the movie begins. They have more typos in that one piece of shit paragraph than an entire AwfulHorrorMovies review. "Then is mean man Killed himself." Are they fucking retarded? What kind of fucked up garbage is that? A fucking 2 year old could have done better.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leprechaun (1993)

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, and Mark Holton

Homicidal Maniac: Warwick Davis as Leprechaun

Run time: 1:31:25

Quick Synopsis: An evil Leprechaun seeks his pot of gold and will dispose of anyone in his way in order to get it.

Let's get this out of the way now, this is not a good horror movie.  Guess what, though?  Nobody cares.  Movies like this are the life blood of a site like this.  If it wasn't for silly and corny shit like this there would not be as much of the same today and without them I

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Ring (2002)

Director: Gore Verbinski

Starring: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox

Run Time: 1:55

Rant: If you watch The Ring immediately after watching Ringu, the story is pretty much the same but you'll be pleasantly surprised to find there are enough differences to keep you entertained.

First of all the footage on the tape is drastically different. There's the woman brushing her hair and there's the well just like before but they go down a more disgusting route in this one. There are fingers being cut off, centipedes and maggots running around. Gross shit. I kinda liked that you couldn't really make out what some of the shit on the tape in the original version is but this version is just as creepy. Once again, great music.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ringu (1998)

Director: Hideo Nakata

Starring: Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani, Yukotakuchi

Run Time: 1:36

Rant: As everyone knows, the 2002 Naomi Watts movie The Ring was a remake of a 1998 Japanese film called Ringu or simply Ring. The success of the remake led to a shit ton of other Japanese horror films being remade for the United States such as Dark Water (also directed by Hideo Nakata), The Grudge, Pulse and One Missed Call. I haven't seen many Japanese horror movies with the exception of Takashi Miike's work and I'm always up for some foreign horror.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

Starring: Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn, and Philippe Klaus

Homicidal Maniac: John Jarratt as Mick Taylor

Run time: 1:46:12

Quick Synopsis:  Tourist traveling through Australia find themselves at the mercy of serial killer Mick Taylor.

As you can tell from my review, I was a big fan of the of the original Wolf Creek.  While there were some positives to take away from the sequel, some of the better qualities of the original are lacking in this one.  Obviously it was not Mclean's fault the mystery was completely taken away due to the fact the audience now knows Mick Taylor's true intentions, however, this was not the only thing missing.  The original film introduced us to the characters and built them up as people the audience would want to care about.  This time around the build was nowhere near as strong.  The best way that I can put it is, the first film was about tourist who were attacked by a serial killer and the second one is

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Director: Jim Gillespie

Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe

Run Time: 1:40

Rant: Along with Scream, this was the hippest slasher movie when I was growing up. I always thought it kinda sucked assholes but it made a shit ton of money and had a few sequels.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Last House on the Left (1972)

Director: Wes Craven

Starring: Sandra Peabody, Lucy Grantham, David Hess

Run Time: 1:24

Rant: The rape and revenge genre of awful horror movie is one I usually stay away from. Not my cup of tea. I like to watch people get their heads cut off with machetes, others like to watch people get raped. To each their own, I say.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Faculty (1998)

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Starring: Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, and Clea Duvall 

Homicidal Maniac: Alien Species Led by Spoiler

Run time: 1:44:00

Quick Synopsis:  A school appears to have been taken over by aliens, leaving only a few students to save the world from a more widespread takeover.

The Faculty is a great mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and any shitty high school drama you may have seen during your life.  I guess the best way to make those movies enjoyable would be to add a sci-fi killer race to take them out one by one.  After the initial horror-style beginning, the audience is given a solid introduction to the characters that all appear to fit the usual character tropes of a movie about high school students; better than most dramas and comedies that attempt to the same.  As the movie adds in the science fiction elements and added level of intrigue and mystery come along with it.  There are a lot of clever little elements that do not always appear in the horror genre. Along with the

Monday, October 20, 2014

Blood Dolls (1999)

Director: Charles Band

Starring: Jack Maturin, Debra Mayer, William Paul Burns

Run Time: 1:24

Rant: This is the worst Full Moon movie I've ever seen. I find some kind of enjoyment out of most of their movies but this one is just a worthless colostomy bag filled with piss and AIDS jizz. Every time it tries to climb up the shit hill it ends up sliding down to the bottom. I hate it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hellraiser: Inferno (2000)

Director: Scott Derrickson

Starring: Craif Sheffer, Nicholas Turturro, James Remar

Run Time: 1:39

Rant: Take Se7en, sprinkle some Bad Lieutenant, throw fucking Pinhead into the mix and you get Hellraiser: Inferno. This is the fifth fucking movie in the Hellraiser franchise. In the spirit of Halloween I've been watching them all in order and I've never seen this one before. Fuck me, it's not bad at all.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dark Ride (2006)

Director: Craig Singer

Starring: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Patrick Renna, David Clayton

Run Time: 1:34

Rant: Back in 2006 someone I knew let me borrow their copy of the After Dark Horrorfest DVD. I watched Dark Ride first because I knew a few of the actors and the cover looked cool. After watching it I gave them their DVD back. I should have smashed it with a cinder block. Nothing is worse than when you're watching an awful horror movie and it feels like same old, same old. Seen it once, seen it a million times.

Friday, October 17, 2014

V/H/S/2 (2013)

Directors: Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener, Gareth Evans, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sanchez, Timo Tjahjanto, and Adam Wingard

Homicidal Maniac: Ghost Glitches, Zombies, Cults, Demon Beasts, Aliens

Run time: 1:35:40

Quick Synopsis:  Two private investigators break into a house and find several v/h/s tapes.  As they watch, they begin to fear there is something bad going on. (Boy do these synopses keep getting worse and worse)

I figured I would review this in a similar fashion to my review of the original V/H/S.  

"Tape 49" (directed by Simon Barrett): This is the story that ties the other stories together.  The audience is introduced to a pair of private investigators that seem like true assholes.  After breaking into the apparent residence of a missing college student, the female investigators pops in the first tape...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wolf Creek (2005)

Starring: Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath, and Kestie Morassi

Homicidal Maniac: John Jarratt as Mick Taylor

Run time: 1:44:00

Quick Synopsis: After their car breaks down, three hikers traveling through the Australian Outback find themselves in danger.

I guess before I start to gush about this movie I should add a disclaimer.  This movie is not for everyone.  If you like to end watching a movie with a smile on your face or a feeling of relief this movie is not for you.  Saying this, I think this may be one of the best horror films of the last 15 years.  There are very few horror films that are able to create an atmosphere that this movie creates.  The movie starts slowly as the characters are introduced in a solid manner that helps the audience view them as actual people that most would care about.  This is something that many horror movies fail to do, leading to a feeling of apathy as the supposed protagonists are killed off one by one.  Honestly, it would not be hard for the viewer to forget that this film was a horror movie if it was not for the subtleties that give the movie a sense of dread.  Most of this is done through the cinematography, which includes great shots of the Outback and stark colors to make the audience somewhat uncomfortable even when everything seems fine.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Uncle Sam (1996)

Director: William Lustig

Starring: William Smith, David 'Shark Fralick, Christopher Ogden

Run Time: 1:29

Rant: This movie scared the fuck out of me when I was 8. Watching it again is like digging up a 15 year old piece of shit in the back yard of my brain. I'm actually surprised I remember as much of it as I do. I just don't remember it being so awful.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Director: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

Starring: Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard

Rant: Documentary style horror movies are creepy as fuck. When done well there might be nothing more disturbing. I remember when this movie came out. I remember a lot of people actually thinking it was real. There was always that gullible fool you knew from school that swears to Christ they know someone who was involved. At the end of the day, who are they really trying to fool but themself? Just enjoy the movie for what it is.

Series Review: Wishmaster (1997-2002)


Creators: Robert Kurtzman and Peter Atkins

Starring: Andrew Divoff, Tammy Lauren, Holly Fields, John Novac, Jason Connery, A.J. Cook, Michael Trucco, Tara Spencer-Nairn

Best Film: Wishmaster (1997)
Official Awful Rating: 7.5

Worst Film: Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)
Official Awful Rating: 3.7

Most Underrated: Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)
Official Awful Rating: 6.0

Best Kill:
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)
Inmate (16:36) Pushed through prison bars.

Rant: It's obvious the movie Wishmaster was designed to have sequels like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th. It had already jumped the shark by part 2 but that didn't mean part 3 and on had to be as bad as they were. The first two movies are a very enjoyable ode to the slasher genre with a cool villain and nice looking kill scenes. There's a reason why the last two movies are the last two movies. There will probably never be another Wishmaster movie ever again because of how horrible of a taste they leave. It's such a shame too. Think of the possibilities with a story like this. Wish for anything and it can be granted, at the cost of your soul. I might as well go for it. My soul smells like shit anyways.

My first wish is that Andrew Divoff would have stuck around for at least one more movie. It seemed like he was having fun playing this character and it really shows on screen.

My second wish is that the effects for part 3 and 4 were better. I can forgive a moronic story and I can forgive dreadful acting but only if the kills look good. Parts 3 and 4 have some of the worst special effects I've ever seen.

My third and final wish is that I can forget parts 3 and 4 exist. They're so bad it makes me sick. I'd rather have a homeless man smash my piss slit with a hammer than watch those pathetic piles of genie shit.

And with my third wish an army of Djinn are released onto the world. I kinda wish they would have made a movie where that happens but there will probably never be another Wishmaster movie. You never know, though. Mother's Day and Prom Night got remade. I guess anything is possible.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mimic (1997)

Starring: Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, and Alexander Goodwin
Homicidal Maniac: Genetically Developed Insect

Run Time: 1:45:38

Quick Synopsis: An insect genetically created to kill infected cockroaches has now turned its sights onto humans.
I'm going to start my review off with a tribute to the cockroach.  These sons of bitches have survived for years through all of earth's bullshit.  And now in a movie like this, even when we as a civilization find away to kill some that had become infected, it is necessary to create an insect species that become smart enough to kill humans with ease to take the roaches out.  Think about that; the only way to take out cockroaches is to risk the safety of the human race. 

Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

Director: Chris Angel

Starring: Tara Spencer-Nairn, Michael Trucco, Jason Thompson

Run Time: 1:30

Rant: This movie was filmed a week after Wishmaster 3 with the same director and the same actor playing the Djinn. You'd think after watching part 3 whoever is in charge would have stolen the film of Wishmaster 4 and set it on fire. I guess they assumed this movie can't be as bad as Wishmaster 3. That would be impossible.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)

Director: Chris Angel

Starring: Jason Connery, A.J. Cook, Tobias Mehler

Run Time: 1:29

Rant: How did it come to this already? Wishmaster 2 is by no means perfect but we're sliding down the shit hill fast as fuck. From the opening scene of Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell you know this movie is gonna be truly awful. They basically took a fun concept and turned it into a boring, generic pile of shit. Seriously, you can't come up with anything better than college students? I'm embarrassed for them.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)

Starring: Joe Estevez, Dan Haggerty, and Thomas Downey 

Homicidal Maniac: Chris Hahn as Paul Fuckin' Bunyan

Run Time: 1:30:03

Quick Synopsis: The legend of Paul Bunyan is real.  And he is a really mean guy.

My initial plan for this movie review was to mock the fact that there was no Babe the Blue Ox reference.  The movie starts with a big beast getting cooked over an open flame. A little later on the campers find a large horn.  Then thirty-seven minutes into it they actually show a monster-like Paul Bunyan grieving as he holds the skull of a giant ox.  I was loving the movie before this point but that just it over the fucking top.  These damn lumberjacks killed Babe. These damn lumberjacks turned a great man into a monster.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

ATM (2012)

Starring: Alice Eve, Josh Peck, and Brian Geraghty

Homicidal Maniac: Mike O'Brian as The Man

Run Time: 1:30:28

Quick Synopsis:  Three co-workers are terrorized by a man after they enter a glass-enclosed ATM.

I am not usually one to get bent out of shape about plot holes and even when there are a few in a movie I usually do not go off on them in my reviews.  Well, there are just too many within ATM to let them slide.  There should have been someone working on the project that saw how shitty this plot was, someone to keep an eye out for the flaws in this movie.  As a viewer why should I give a fuck if the people making the movie couldn't care any less.  Even little things that usually wouldn't annoy me like continuity with the amount of a drink in a glass begin to frustrate me in retrospect.  

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

Director: Jack Sholder

Starring: Andrew Divoff, Paul Johansson, Holly Fields

Run Time: 1:36

Rant: Wishmaster was destroyed by critics but successful enough to have a sequel. Who do we turn to when we need a sequel? None other than Jack Sholder, the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. Let's see how many guy's asses they can shove into a Wishmaster movie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Bleeding House (2011)

Starring: Alexandra Chando, Charlie Hewson, and Nina Lisandrello

Homicidal Maniac: Patrick Breen as Nick

Run Time: 1:26:37

Quick Synopsis: A mysterious stranger plans to stay the night in a home with a family who may have mysteries of their own.

There are only a few things that hold this movie back from being an excellent horror movie.  As it is currently constructed it is still entertaining enough that I would recommend it to most.  The movie begins with the introduction of a dysfunctional family in a secluded country home.  The audience soon sees the family's daughter is at the center of this dysfunction.  Bedroom doors with latches on the outside and drawers with pad

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wishmaster (1997)

Director: Robert Kurtzman

Starring: Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, Robert Englund

Run Time: 1:30

Rant: Why not start another series review? There are so many awful horror series out there we might as well get a few of them under our belt. I haven't seen the Wishmaster movies in a long time and I don't remember much of them. Is that a bad thing? Probably, but the poster says "Wes Craven Presents Wishmaster." There is hope to be had.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Silent House (2011)

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, and Eric Sheffer Stevens

Run Time: 1:25:15

Quick Synopsis:  As a young woman, her father, and her uncle begin to clean out their old summer home shit starts going down. 

I think that this might be one of the tougher movies that I have had to review.  I decided that I was going to review it as two separate entities.  The first being an apparent supernatural home invasion horror.  While this film was not the first to create a single shot style horror movie, it is not something that has not been used too often.  I think that the concept really adds to the home invasion aspect of the movie.  It definitely helps to created additional suspense to a movie that is completely reliant on its ability to create a large level of it.  Unfortunately, I still do not think that there was enough suspense to make an elite home invasion movie.  Elizabeth Olsen gives a solid performance and portrays a sense of fear that is much better than the average character in a movie like this.  Some may say she goes a little over the top at times but I still like the fact that her attempts are more original than most.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011)

Starring: Tim Rock, Kelen Coleman, and Billy Drago

Supernatural Entity: He Who Walks Behind the Rows

Run Time: 1:20:32

Quick Synopsis: A young couple tries to free an imprisoned child with catastrophic results.

There was no doubt that this was going to be an awful movie.  However, the hope was that it would at least show some respect to the original film, or even the original short story.  In my opinion, they did that well enough.  This was mostly due to the fact there were very few connections to the original story, one of the characters was originally from Gatlin and their is a dream sequence in a cornfield where children attack the woman who is dreaming. Its quite obvious that the purpose of the dream sequence was simply to reference the true nature of most of the films in the series.  It had no significance to the

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Starring: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Don O'Herlilihy

Run Time: 1:38

Rant: This fucking movie ruined my childhood. If you watched this piece of shit after seeing any of the other Halloween movies you thought one thing: WHERE THE FUCK IS MICHAEL MYERS?! What kind of shit is that to do to a person? Why not just call it Season of the Witch? It has nothing to do with the previous films! Why?! I'm going to try and block out the rotten experience I had with this fucker. I'm gonna watch this as a stand alone awful horror movie. It can't be as bad as I remember it. Nothing can.

So this fucking guy goes crazy and they take him to the hospital. Then this other fucking guy kills him and kills himself. At this point you don't know what the fuck is going on. You only know that this company that makes Halloween masks is somehow involved. The company is called Silver Shamrock. They play this jingle non-stop throughout the movie that will be pumped into your head over and over until you think you're going crazy. Every few minutes you think you'll get a break and they play it again. Three more days 'till Halloween! Please... stop.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Reeds (2009)

Starring: Anna Brewster, Geoff Bell, and Daniel Caltagirone 

Run Time: 1:25:59

Quick Synopsis: A group of Londoners get more than they bargained for when they go on a weekend boating trip.

This is the kind of movie where you can tell that the filmmaker is attempting to show how smart he is with a "clever" plot and and even smarter twists.  Instead the guy just makes himself look like a complete fool to anyone with an average level of intelligence.  There really are so many things wrong with this movie.  One of the earliest flaws comes in the form of the ghosts that the writer attempts to trick the viewer into believing are still alive, but then ten minutes later reveals that they are no longer living.  Then its like the director did not even acknowledge this reveal.  I'm assuming that they were attempting to create some type of ambiguity, however, all it does is annoy the shit out of anyone that has a brain.  So for the next 40 minutes these supernatural beings cause the deaths of 4 people, and then the audience is sloppily presented with a human antagonist that no one has anytime to care about or want to care about.  The next twist is not that interesting but at least it gave some closure to the film.  That closure is then thrown away with one final twist that pretty much is just a "fuck you" to anyone that wanted to respect what the film was trying to do, even if they didn't agree with some of the concepts used in the film.  There is very little mystery or suspense built within the film although I am almost certain there was an intention to create it.  The acting is average to below average across the bored.  The fact that the accents are not something I here on a daily basis since I am from the US might allow some of the actors to get away with bad delivery.  I only bring this up because as the movie goes on I start to recognize poor acting more rapidly.  This is a too cute for its own good awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  There is a completely pointless after credits scene that add nothing to anything anyone in the world cares about.

Hidden Gem:  The credits end with this statement, "The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character and history of any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional." I'm glad they cleared up the fact that a movie about supernatural reeds that create ghosts and infinite loops is not based on fact.  Really going to help me sleep at night.

Total Kill Count: 5
Chris- Will Mellor (42:48) Stomach Pierced By Sharp Metal Gore Rating: 6
Mel- Emma Catherwood (48:28) Burned Alive when Boat Blows Up Gore Rating: 2
Helen- Scarlett Johnson (55:13) Multiple Machete Strikes Gore Rating: 7
Joe- Daniel Caltagirone (55:45) Throat Cut/Drowns Gore Rating: 5
Croker- Geoff Bell (1:17:15) Shotgun/Offscreen Gore Rating: --

*There were five addition hallucination-type kills, all the result of being shot by a shot gun.

            Horror Film: 4
            Entertainment: 4
            Suspense: 3
            Overall: 3.75

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Gingerdead Man (2005)

Director: Charles Band

Starring: Gary Busey, Robin Sydney, Ryan Locke

Run Time: 1:10

Rant: Just because you like a movie doesn't make it good. The Gingerdead Man is a piece of shit but I find it entertaining. There's a lot of gimmicky comedy/horror movies out there that deserve a good trashing but there are a few that I like. I'm not sure why I like this one though. I guess it's not as bad as some.

Gary Busey plays this guy named Millard Findlemeyer. I don't know if he's supposed to be a thief or a lunatic or what. Either way he kills this girl Sarah's entire family and now, with no help from her alcoholic mother, Sarah runs her family's bakery by herself. Millard Findlemeyer is caught and given the death penalty and maybe I missed something but I have no fucking clue how his ashes get into the gingerbread man.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Sacrament (2013)

Starring: Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, and Kentucker Audley

Homicidal Maniac: Gene Jones as Father

Run Time: 1:39:05

Quick Synopsis: A news team follows a man, who goes looking for his missing sister within a cult-like community.

This is a pretty solid look into the day to day life of a cult, however, some things just felt pretty flat in my opinion.  I know it sounds stupid to say a movie where over 150 people die could fall flat, but I just didn't take too much emotion from it.  I'm not completely sure where it went wrong, but there seemed to be a detachment created somewhere for me.  The movie starts off well, giving a look into the community.  As usual at some point, you start to see that everything is not as good as it seems.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Killjoy (2000)

Director: Craig Ross

Starring: Angel Vargas, Vera Yell, Lee Marks

Run Time: 1:12

Rant: Fucking Killjoy. I haven't seen this movie in forever. Killer clowns have always creeped me out. Ever since I watched Stephen King's It I've been searching for a clown as spooky as Pennywise. The cover of the VHS sure looks promising. Could this low-budget slasher compare to the great Stephen King?