Thursday, October 9, 2014

ATM (2012)

Starring: Alice Eve, Josh Peck, and Brian Geraghty

Homicidal Maniac: Mike O'Brian as The Man

Run Time: 1:30:28

Quick Synopsis:  Three co-workers are terrorized by a man after they enter a glass-enclosed ATM.

I am not usually one to get bent out of shape about plot holes and even when there are a few in a movie I usually do not go off on them in my reviews.  Well, there are just too many within ATM to let them slide.  There should have been someone working on the project that saw how shitty this plot was, someone to keep an eye out for the flaws in this movie.  As a viewer why should I give a fuck if the people making the movie couldn't care any less.  Even little things that usually wouldn't annoy me like continuity with the amount of a drink in a glass begin to frustrate me in retrospect.  

The point of the film is to elicit a fear of isolation or being trapped.  This fear doesn't exist in any form during the entire movie.  Mike O'Brian truly isn't bad as the homicidal maniac, but there was very little that he had to do in the film.  The reveal of his true intentions just add to the insulting nature of the movie.  His plan has just as many holes in it as the plot of the movie.  The acting is not bad at all, even Josh Peck who I am not a fan of at all gives an acceptable performance (I have truly low standards for the guy though).  This just adds to the aggravation with the writing and directing of the movie.   I understand what the writer was aiming for, but he just was not creative enough to pull it off. This is an insulting awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  An ATM station was made just for this film.

Hidden Gem:  The temperature is supposed to be -3 degrees but there are puddles throughout the parking lot.  

Total Kill Count:
Dog Walker (23:27) Head Bashed Off Parking Lot Ground Gore Rating: 6
Security Guard- Enesto Griffith (43:43) Head Bashed with Tire Iron Gore Rating: 4
Harold- Glen Thompson (46:47) Strangled Gore Rating: 2
Corey- Josh Peck (54:16) Stabbed with Screwdriver, Bleeds Out Later Gore Rating: 5
Emily- Alice Eve (1:08:22) Head Smacks Off Counter/Maybe Broken Neck Gore Rating: 2

            Horror Film: 4
            Entertainment: 5
            Suspense: 3
            Overall: 4