Monday, October 13, 2014

Mimic (1997)

Starring: Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, and Alexander Goodwin
Homicidal Maniac: Genetically Developed Insect

Run Time: 1:45:38

Quick Synopsis: An insect genetically created to kill infected cockroaches has now turned its sights onto humans.
I'm going to start my review off with a tribute to the cockroach.  These sons of bitches have survived for years through all of earth's bullshit.  And now in a movie like this, even when we as a civilization find away to kill some that had become infected, it is necessary to create an insect species that become smart enough to kill humans with ease to take the roaches out.  Think about that; the only way to take out cockroaches is to risk the safety of the human race. 
Straight perseverance. 
I feel like this may be one of the more underrated horror films of the 90s.  Which really does not make sense given the fact that it was written and directed by Guillermo del Toro in addition to a solid cast.  The concept is not overly original and the feel of the  movie may remind the audience of Alien a lot but that does not have to be a bad thing.  And there still are a lot a fresh ideas spread throughout the movie.  That's pretty much how you have to make a horror movie these days.  There is very few concepts that have not been used so the best thing a filmmaker can do is find what works and I knew ideas to give the movie its own character.  When del Toro does this for Mimic in the 90s, he creates a enjoyable awful horror movie.
Fun Fact:  Mimic is Norman Reedus' first film to be released in the United States.  An earlier film was released in Germany, however, that did not make it into US theaters until the following year.
Hidden Gem: Charles S. Dutton dies in the movie in a very similar way to how he dies in Alien 3.

Total Kill Count: 6
Preacher- Pak-Kwong Ho (10:09) Falls Off Building While Running Away Gore Rating: 2
Davis- Javon Barnwell (35:01) Attacked by Insect Gore Rating: 3
Ricky- James Costa (35:21) Attacked by Insect Gore Rating: 3
Josh- Josh Brolin (1:03:20) Cut up by Insect Gore Rating: 6
Manny- Giancarlo Giannini (1:22:59) Taken Away by Insect Gore Rating: 4
Leonard- Charles S. Dutton (1:28:03) Face Eaten Gore Rating: 5

            Horror Film: 7
            Entertainment: 8
            Suspense: 7
            Overall: 7.25