Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shivers (1975)

Starring: Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, and Lynn Lowry

Homicidal Maniac:  Apartment Residents due to Parasites

Run time: 1:27:30

Quick Synopsis:  Residents of a apartment complex must fight off a parasite that is quickly spreading throughout the building.

There are two ways to approach this movie.  The first is to look at it from a psychological perspective and discuss the chaos that would ensue if the id were to take over the human mind.  I could try to get all deep and talk about the balance of id, ego and superego, but you know what, fuck it.  I am going to take the other route and talk about how crazy and disturbing this movie is.  Its like Cronenberg just sat somewhere and tried to think up all

the ways he could make some coward walk out of the theater.  First we get a strangling of a young woman by an old man who seems to have lost his mind.  This seems to be proven as fact seconds later as we see him rip open her chest.  This opening really helps open the minds of the audience into understanding this is not going to be a fun movie.  The rest of the movie is filled with murder, sexual assaults, both successful and unsuccessful, and even a hint of incest.  The most disgusting part of the movie may be the parasites.  They look like a turd that was frozen, then stuck back up the ass it came from, where it then thaws out, sucks up the blood caused by the penetration before coming to life and crawling back out of the asshole.  With all this being said, the movie is interesting, with good pacing that will keep it entertaining.  Even at the beginning of his career, Cronenberg knew how to make a decent awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Shivers is the first feature film directed by David Cronenberg.

Hidden Gem: Cronenberg plays one of the infected residents in the crowd chasing down Paul Hampon's character at the end of the film.

Total Kill Count: 7
Annabelle- Cathy Graham (5:00) Strangled Gore Rating: 2
Emil Hobbes- Fred Doererlein (9:00) Slices His Own Throat Gore Rating: 6
Garbage Room Man- Sonny Forbes (56:00) Head Smashed with Crowbar Gore Rating: 6
Doorman- Wally Martin (1:05:00) Shot in the Back Gore Rating: 4
Guy in Garage- Uncredited (1:06:00) Wrecks his Car into Another Gore Rating: 5
Rollo Linsky- Joe Silver (1:15:00) Face Smashed with Wrench Gore Rating: 5
Nick Tudor- Alan Migocovsky (1:19:00) Shot in Stomach Gore Rating: 4

             Horror Film: 6
             Entertainment: 7
             Gore: 6
             Overall: 6.25