Monday, October 6, 2014

Silent House (2011)

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, and Eric Sheffer Stevens

Run Time: 1:25:15

Quick Synopsis:  As a young woman, her father, and her uncle begin to clean out their old summer home shit starts going down. 

I think that this might be one of the tougher movies that I have had to review.  I decided that I was going to review it as two separate entities.  The first being an apparent supernatural home invasion horror.  While this film was not the first to create a single shot style horror movie, it is not something that has not been used too often.  I think that the concept really adds to the home invasion aspect of the movie.  It definitely helps to created additional suspense to a movie that is completely reliant on its ability to create a large level of it.  Unfortunately, I still do not think that there was enough suspense to make an elite home invasion movie.  Elizabeth Olsen gives a solid performance and portrays a sense of fear that is much better than the average character in a movie like this.  Some may say she goes a little over the top at times but I still like the fact that her attempts are more original than most.  

Next comes the reveal that changes everything that you have watched to this point in the movie.  All that running around the house and getting chased by a masked figure...yeah that was all a huge metaphor for what was going on in Sarah's(Olsen) mind.  Usually, I would have no issue with this idea, I would actually enjoy it, however, I think this takes away from the single shot aspect of the film and in some ways turns it into just a cheap tactic to attempt to trick the viewer.  I still think were many positives about the twist in the story line though.  There seems to be a strong connections to real elements studied within psychology like dissociative identity disorder without going too crazy with the idea like some movies tend to do.  Additionally, there are subtle attempts to give clues to the viewer that something was wrong with the characters involved.  The reveal also helps with some of the more obvious clues to what the father and his brother may have been involved in.  Initially, Polaroids found throughout the house by the characters seemed like a dumb ploy to show they had something to hide.  By the end of the movie, it gets tied in real well with Sarah slowly piecing together a trauma that she had hidden for years.  Some may really enjoy this film, while others will hate it just as much.  Overall, this is a polarizing awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: This is a remake of the foreign film of the same name in Spanish, La Casa Muda.  

Hidden Gem:  The film is portrayed as a single shot, but obviously that would be impossible.  Instead the film was shot in 10 minute segments and then edited from there.

Total Kill Count: 1
John- Adam Trese (1:17:53) Hit with Sledgehammer Gore Rating: 4

            Horror Film: 6
            Entertainment: 7
            Suspense: 6
            Overall: 6.5