Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Bleeding House (2011)

Starring: Alexandra Chando, Charlie Hewson, and Nina Lisandrello

Homicidal Maniac: Patrick Breen as Nick

Run Time: 1:26:37

Quick Synopsis: A mysterious stranger plans to stay the night in a home with a family who may have mysteries of their own.

There are only a few things that hold this movie back from being an excellent horror movie.  As it is currently constructed it is still entertaining enough that I would recommend it to most.  The movie begins with the introduction of a dysfunctional family in a secluded country home.  The audience soon sees the family's daughter is at the center of this dysfunction.  Bedroom doors with latches on the outside and drawers with pad
locks on the show that there must be something very dark in their past.  When this family meets a stranger who claims his car had broken down, it appears that the secrets of the family's past will come to light.  The movie follows the path of a lot of the "stranger comes to house films" except for the addition of a teenage daughter who happens to be a sociopath.  Of course the stranger is intrigued by this girl and the main focus turns to these two.  The climax of the movie is where I think the filmmakers took a small misstep. Without giving too much of the ending away, their should have been one more kill below in the kill count.  This could have been done in a way that does not change any other aspect of the movie, but creates a much more unique dynamic to the theme of the movie.  Patrick Breen gives a great performance as the lead antagonist.  He has a good mix of creepiness and dark humor that fits a role like this.  While she is not perfect, Alexandra Chando holds her own up against Breen.  The rest of the cast's acting was subpar, but it did not really matter much to the story.  The effects were not great, but they did have a small feel of the 1980s style effects, although they were not done as well.  I have read places that felt that the "twist" was predictable but I really don't think they were attempting to trick the audience.  Maybe I am giving them too much credit.  Either way, this was a good awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  The film was originally known simply as The Bleeding.

Hidden Gem:  Gloria is portrayed as the age of a sophomore or junior in high school, but is actually played by a 25 year old.

Total Kill Count: 10
Quentin- Charlie Hewson (41:38) Throat Slit Gore Rating: 5
Beth- Victoria Dalpe (49:45) Head Bashed In with Rock Gore Rating: 8
Matt- Richard Bekins (53:07) Blood Drained Gore Rating: 3
Marilyn- Betsy Aidem (1:03:22) Throat Slit Gore Rating: 6
Officer Bayne- Henderson Wade (1:05:00) Shot Offscreen Gore Rating: 2
Officer Schmidt- Court Young (1:05:23) Stabbed in Back of Neck Gore Rating: 5
Jonathan Bell- Jonathan Gelatt (1:07:30) Stabbed in Sleep Gore Rating: 3
Mr. Bell- Per Melita (1:07:40) Stabbed in Sleep Gore Rating: 5
Mrs. Bell- Gretchen McGowan (1:07:40 Stabbed in Sleep Gore Rating: 5
Nick- Patrick Breen (1:21:43) Throat Slit Gore Rating: 4

            Horror Film: 7
            Entertainment: 7
            Gore: 5
            Overall: 6.5