Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Sacrament (2013)

Starring: Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, and Kentucker Audley

Homicidal Maniac: Gene Jones as Father

Run Time: 1:39:05

Quick Synopsis: A news team follows a man, who goes looking for his missing sister within a cult-like community.

This is a pretty solid look into the day to day life of a cult, however, some things just felt pretty flat in my opinion.  I know it sounds stupid to say a movie where over 150 people die could fall flat, but I just didn't take too much emotion from it.  I'm not completely sure where it went wrong, but there seemed to be a detachment created somewhere for me.  The movie starts off well, giving a look into the community.  As usual at some point, you start to see that everything is not as good as it seems.  As the viewer starts to see the unrest within the community, you know that something big is about to happen and it does, but it is not as monumental as it should have been.  I suppose one of the major parts of the letdown is Gene Jones as Father.  He does not do a bad job, but I do not feel he did enough to convince me that he was charismatic enough to control a large group of people, even if he preyed on the weak.  Another big issue I had was with the psychology of the people behind the mass suicide.  There was unrest in the community and that was shown in an acceptable manner, but no one truly acted upon this unrest.  There was never a true uproar.  And the members of the community who had given into the idea of following Father did not act in the way I would expect from a cult.  The members who played the greatest roles in the mass suicide showed a remorse that took even more away from the power Father was supposed to have against them.  They should have been ready to accept their fates and instead they felt a guilt that I do not think made much sense.  Overall, the acting is solid and there was some suspense, but it was not as powerful as you would want from a thriller like this.  I guess I should mention that it is a "found footage" movie, however, I don't see what that really added to the movie.  It seemed rather pointless in my opinion.  The Sacrament is just your average awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  Originally, the movie was going to end without any survivors.

Hidden Gem:  Two Harlem Globetrotters play background roles in the film.

Total Kill Count: 167
Majority of Cult (Beginning 1:10:00) Mass Suicide/Forced Poisoning/Shot Gore Rating: 5
Patrick- Kentucker Audley (1:15:53) Injected With Poison Gore Rating: 1

            Horror Film: 6
            Entertainment: 5
            Suspense: 4
            Overall: 5.25