Friday, October 17, 2014

V/H/S/2 (2013)

Directors: Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener, Gareth Evans, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sanchez, Timo Tjahjanto, and Adam Wingard

Homicidal Maniac: Ghost Glitches, Zombies, Cults, Demon Beasts, Aliens

Run time: 1:35:40

Quick Synopsis:  Two private investigators break into a house and find several v/h/s tapes.  As they watch, they begin to fear there is something bad going on. (Boy do these synopses keep getting worse and worse)

I figured I would review this in a similar fashion to my review of the original V/H/S.  

"Tape 49" (directed by Simon Barrett): This is the story that ties the other stories together.  The audience is introduced to a pair of private investigators that seem like true assholes.  After breaking into the apparent residence of a missing college student, the female investigators pops in the first tape...

"Phase I Clinical Trials" (directed by Adam Wingard): So the madness begins with a film shot through a prosthetic eye with a built in camera that allows the guy to see using a chip in his brain.  Sounds like a great day for modern medicine.  Except for the fact that there are some glitches in the new technology.  Or maybe they aren't glitches, maybe there are ghosts that are trying to kill him now that they notice that he can see them.

"Tape 49": Back two the connecting story and now its time for...

"A Ride in the Park" (directed by Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale): I pretty sure this is the first time that I have seen someone film a zombie POV (I'm sure there has been one) and I thought that it was done really well.  As a whole, I think that this was the best of the bunch.  It has everything that you would want in a short story involving a zombie.

"Tape 49": Once again we are back in the house with the private investigators.  The poor woman has a nose bleed and is staring into a blank screen. No need to leave let's watch another v/h/s...

"Safe Haven" (directed by Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto): A film crew attempts to get a look into a cult led by a man known as the Father.  During the interview, shit goes down leading to the awakening of a beast.  There is a good pace to the story and the Father and the rest of the cult do a good job of giving the necessary vibes.  There is a mass suicide reminiscent of the Jonestown incident in 1978.  Unlike The Sacrament, which we recently reviewed, the story is much different than what occurred at Jonestown.  

"Tape 49": Oh no that poor investigator who was bleeding earlier appears to be dying.  Okay she's dead now...let me put this movie in.  I mean it does say "WATCH" on it.

"Slumber Party Alien Abduction" (directed by Jason Eisener):  This was probably my least favorite of the four tapes, but I was too bad.  When their parents go out for the night, three siblings invite over a few friends.  After about ten minutes of shenanigans aliens began to appear leading up to attack on the house and the abduction of the kids.  Between the shaky camera and the lights that flare up from time to time its start to annoy the eyes a little.  I understand its supposed give off the POV feel but this was just a little to much for my liking.  On a side note is there anything in the world worse than suburban youth.  I'm being dead serious. 

"Tape 49": We get the finish to the connecting story.  Nothing too special.  Keeps with the continuity of the original film while also trying to give a little insight into what is going on with the tapes.


One of my main complaints of the original V/H/S (here's that review) was that every story felt the need to introduce the audience to the main characters and this hurt the overall flow of the movie.  I suggested that it would have been much better to go right into the story.  Obviously these directors read the site because they did just that this time around.  I really think that it was beneficial to overall entertainment of the film.  Like I stated earlier none of the stories were poorly done and were enjoyable.  The connecting story seemed a little forced but that does seem understandable since it had to fit a path already created for it.  This was strong sequel to a solid awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Epy Kusnandar, who plays the cult leader in "Safe Haven," plays the leader of an underground pornography ring in Raid 2, which was also directed by Gareth Evans.

Hidden Gem:  I could be missing some other meaning behind the name of the connecting stories but I am just going to throw this random idea out there.  The title of the short story in the original film is "Tape 56" and the title in the sequel is "Tape 49."  This may suggest that the second film actually occurs before the first.  There is also a chance I am just talking out of my ass.

Total Kill Count: 19
Phase I Clinical Trials:
Clarissa- Hannah Hughs (22:00) Drowns Gore Rating: 1
A Ride in the Park:
Screaming Girl- Bette Cassatt (29:00) Head Bashed in After Becoming Zombie Gore Rating: 6
Biker- Jay Saunders (31:00) Dies from Zombie Bite (Becomes Zombie Gore Rating: 5
Good Samaritan Guy- Dave Coyne (33:00) Bit by Zombie Gore Rating: 6
Good Samaritan Girl- Wendy Donigian (33:00) Bit by Zombie Gore Rating: 3
Eye Bite Victim- Kevin Hunt (36:00) Yeah He Got Bit in the Eye Gore Rating: 7
Female Party Victim- Hillary Styer (36:00) Attacked by Zombies Gore Rating: 5
Baseball Bat Dad- Mikael Johnson (37:00) Attacked by Zombies Gore Rating: 4
Girl Filming Birthday Party- Alexis Barone (37:00) Eaten by Zombie Gore Rating: 5
Shot Gun Dude- Mark S. Sander (38:00) Eaten by Zombie Gore Rating: 5
Dead Boyfriend- Eric Jones (38:00) Offscreen/Death by Zombies Gore Rating: 2
Safe Haven:
Joni- Andrew Suleiman (59:00) Throat Slit with Box-cutter Gore Rating: 8
The Cult (1:01:00) Mass Suicide/Murder Gore Rating: 7
Malik- Oka Antara (1:03:00) Shotgun to Head Gore Rating: 8
Father- Epy Kusnandar (1:05:00) Blows Up Gore Rating: 7
Lena- Hannah Al Rashid (1:07:00) Horned Beast Rips Out of Stomach Gore Rating: 7
Tape 49:
Ayesha- Kelsy Abbott (1:13:00) Found Dead Gore Rating: 3
Kyle- L.C. Holt (1:27:00) Shoots Himself Gore Rating: 8
Larry- Lawrence Michael Levine (1:30:00) Attacked by Dude Who Shoots Himself Gore Rating: 1

             Horror Film: 7
             Entertainment: 8
             Gore: 7
             Overall: 7.25

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