Thursday, November 20, 2014

6 Souls (2009)

Starring: Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Jeffrey DeMunn

Homicidal Maniac: Reverend Moore

Run time: 1:52:00

Quick Synopsis: A psychiatrist has a patient with multiple personalities that all appear to be murder victims.

I'm really  surprised that this movie has thrown under the radar for the past few years.  It has an interesting premise, a solid budget and a few actors that have made a name for themselves.  Logic would suggest that given these fact the movie must be awful, but that truly is not the case.  I would put the first hour or so of this film up there with the upper tier of psychological thrillers that I have seen.  The acting is solid, especially Jonathan
Rhys Meyers who gets the opportunity to pretty much play six different characters in the film since each personality is written with major differences.  He comes off strongly believable in the role.  The turn the film makes towards the end isn't the greatest but I still think that it good enough.  I have seen that a lot of people were upset that the movie added religious elements to the plot.  Personally, I don't see it as an issue, they had to explain the supernatural elements of the film in some way.  And its mostly non-religious people who appear to have an issue, which doesn't make sense since they should treat Christianity just like Greek mythology if they don't believe an either and you hardly ever hear someone complain about the idea of Zeus being the cause of some shit.  Also what kind of asshole gets mad because a movie with the word "souls" in the title is religious.  The ending is pretty formulaic but at this point it is to be expected.  A completely original film is tough to come by anymore.  There are few little surprises in the film though that will add to the entertainment.  6 Souls is a surprisingly little known awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Rhys Meyers is credited as three different personalities but shows the traits of six different people.

Hidden Gem: The Stephen's apartment has a poster of Night of the Living Dead on the wall.

Total Kill Count: 7
Adam (1:01:00) Found dead in tub Gore Rating: 5
Charles- John Peaks (1:06:00) Found Dead Gore Rating: 4
Moore Children (1:22:00) Found Slaughtered Gore Rating: 6
Reverend Moore (1:24:00) Soul Removed from Body Gore Rating: ---
Dr. Harding- Jeffrey DeMunn (1:27:00) Soul Taken Gore Rating: 5
Stephen- Nate Corddry (1:38:00) Shard of Glass in Gut Gore Rating: 5
Sammy- Brooklynn Proulx (1:41:00) Soul Taken Gore Rating: 1

             Horror Film: 8
             Entertainment: 8
             Suspense: 7
             Overall: 7.75