Sunday, November 16, 2014

7 Nights of Darkness (2011)

Starring: Meredith Kochan, Allen Kellogg and Larry Nehring

Homicidal Maniac: Haley Moskowitz as Ghostly Girl/Julie Tylicki as Ghostly Woman

Run time: 1:30:24

Quick Synopsis:  Six people attempt to stay 7 nights at a haunted asylum in order to win $1 million.

This movie is truly as low budget as it gets, even for the horror genre.  When taking this into account I do not feel a real need to bash the movie.  And honestly it really is not too bad for what it is, which appears to be just a bunch of people who decided to make a movie.  The acting is not great, but there is nothing bad enough to make you want to change the channel and there are moments of decent suspense.  The effects are not good,
however, I have seen were on films with bigger budgets.  The premise isn't too original, a group of people on a reality show horror film has somehow become overdone.  It is also a found footage film, which is also becoming an annoying fad. This film is from 2011 though and the real overworking of this sub-genre came a little later.  There were plenty before 2011, but it really has just become too much.  Every other film seems to be found footage these days.  I get as a low budget it is an easy way to get over the fact you cannot afford a better camera but enough is enough.  There is an after the credits scene that forced me to knock the movie down a peg just for its awfulness.  Doing shit like that seen makes 7 Nights of Darkness an awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  This movie only had a $5,000 budget according to IMDB, how is that even possible?

Hidden Gem:  The tagline for the movie was, "It's the Blair Witch project meets The Ring."  Enough said.

Total Kill Count:
No one is officially seen dead, but it is assumed that no one is alive.

             Horror Film: 4
             Entertainment: 4
             Suspense: 6

             Overall: 4.5