Sunday, November 23, 2014

Frailty (2001)

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe and Matt O'Leary

Homicidal Maniac: Bill Paxton as Dad Meiks

Run time: 1:40:00

Quick Synopsis: A man tells the story of his father and the murders his father committed.

Nothing is better than finding a movie that just does everything well.  It might not be flashy or win many awards but Frailty is just solid all the way around.  Honestly there are very few flaws in Frailty.  All the lead actors perform well above average, even the child actors who are given a lot of screen time and could have easily ruined the entire movie.  They are not perfect but are both convincing in their portrayals.  Even after acknowledging that everyone gave good performance, Bill Paxton still steals the show as
"Dad" Meiks.  He will have you questioning what is going on throughout the movie.  Staying on the subject of Paxton, I don't understand how it is possible that he has not been given more opportunities as a director given the job he did with Frailty.  Unlike some movies where flashbacks can cause some issues with the flow, the flashbacks in the film are all transitioned smoothly.  The overall pacing is great; the movie feels much shorter than the 100 minute run time.  The plot is both entertaining and clever and will have you thinking like you are supposed to in good psychological horror movies.  Frailty is an almost flawless awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The movie is loosely based off the serial killer Joseph Kallinger, who murdered 4 families with the help of his 13 year old son.  Kallinger said God to him to do the killings.

Hidden Gem: Bill Paxton drinks from the same can of beer throughout the film.

Total Kill Count:
Cynthia Harbridge- Cynthia Ettinger (33:00) Struck with Ax/Offscreen Gore Rating: ---
Edward March- Vincent Chase (45:00) Struck with Ax/Offscreen Gore Rating: ---
Sheriff Smalls- Luke Askew (1:02:00) Ax/Offscreen Gore Rating: ---
Dad Meiks- Bill Paxton (1:17:00) Hit in Chest with Ax Gore Rating: 4
Brad White- Alan Davidson (1:18:00) Ax/Offscreen Gore Rating: ---
Fenton Meiks- Levi Kreis (1:26:00) Hit with Pipe/Assumed Ax Offscreen Gore Rating: ---
Doyle's Mother- Betty Gurule (1:28:00) Stabbed Gore Rating: 3
FBI Agent Doyle- Powers Boothe (1:30:00) Ax/Offscreen Gore Rating: ---

             Horror Film: 9
             Entertainment: 8 
             Suspense: 8
             Overall: 8.5