Monday, November 3, 2014

Le Fear II: Le Sequel (2015)

Director: Jason Croot

Starring: Kyri Saphiris, Seye Adelekan, and Hadrien Mekki

Run time: 1:29:49

Quick Synopsis: Director Carlos Revalos attempts to make a sequel to his original unsuccessful film, Le Fear.  Once again things do not appear to be going well.

I guess, since this is a site that is supposed to review horror movies, I should start the review by explaining that this is not a horror movie.  There is still some connection to the site since the movie is about the filming of a horror movie and the comedy within the film revolves that subject.  There have been many times in our reviews where we question how a director would allow something so awful into their movie or ask how anyone would think the product they have created would have any value to the audience.  Le Fear II
somewhat helps to answer those questions for the audience.  The answer is pretty simple too, "Fuck it."  Really they have already put the money into the film who gives a shit if Billy is the worst actor in the world or that blood doesn't look good at all or in the case of Le Sequel, the special effect involve inflatable aliens on top of remote control toy cars and UFOs hung on fishing rod.  Anyway to speak more specifically about the film there are many good scenes with solid laughs, especially for anyone that has a strong interest in film-making in addition to many B-horror movie fans.  Kyri Saphiris gives a solid performance as the lead and does a great job expressing his frustration as the director.  The rest of the cast also performs much better than you would expect from a low-budget film like this.  However, the movie is not for everyone.  I'm sure a decent part of the audience will not find many of the scenes funny and there are not as many big laughs as you would want in a comedy.  Also I could see many people of African descent finding the film offensive (Africans eating chicken in every scene they are eating in may not go over well), but its all an good fun really.  The camera-work is also a little shaky and some may become irritating for the audience.  Overall is a respectable attempt at making a comedy about making an awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Le Fear III: Le Cannes was announced on June 26, 2014.

Hidden Gem: Andrew Tiernan (300) and Aiko Horiuchi (Grudge 3) play minor roles in the film.

             Horror Film:   
             Entertainment: 6
             Overall: 6