Friday, November 7, 2014

Pontypool (2008)

Starring: Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, and Georgina Reilly

Cause of Deaths: Deadly Virus

Run time: 1:36:24

Quick Synopsis: A radio host and his producer attempt to discover what is going on during an outbreak of a deadly virus in the small town of Pontypool.

Pontypool is a unique look into linguistics through the use of a zombie film.  There is an idea in the world that suggests that words have much more power than people understand.  These words can become infectious and cause negative outcomes on the people who use them.  This film takes this idea literally, creating a virus that spread through the use of certain words.  To enhance this message, the writer set the film within a radio station where the actions of the outside world are only explained through the callers to the
station.  The mystery caused by this leads to some amazing suspense that I truly did not think would work, but I actually felt the suspense.  This is truly unusual for me; even movies that I know have great suspense you do not affect me.  Pontypool did.  Stephen McHattie gives a convincing performance as the radio host that is trying to figure this mystery out with the audience and the rest of the cast also gives decent performance.  Unfortunately, and I guess ironically, the movie did have a drop off as the film moved away from just dialogue and into more action sequences.  Additionally the ending was not anything spectacular.  Along with the suspense, there is some solid humor, however, I believe it overshadows the suspense at some point where I do not think it should have gone that way.  All and all this is an unique awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The film was produced not only as a movie, but also a radio play.

Hidden Gem: One of the Lawrence of Arabia singers is the movie's writer Tony Burgess.

Total Kill Count: 2
Laurel-Ann- Georgina Reilly (1:08:00) Dies of virus Gore Rating: 6
Maureen- Hannah Fleming (1:14:00) Stomped to Death Gore Rating: 3

             Horror Film: 7
             Entertainment: 8
             Suspense: 7
             Overall: 7.25