Thursday, November 6, 2014

Puppet Master 4 (1993)

Director: Jeff Burr

Starring: Gordon Currie, Chandra West, Jason Adams

Run Time: 1:19

Rant: This is one of my favorite awful horror movies. I don't really know why. Maybe it's because the puppets are straight up good guys. Sometimes you end up rooting for Jason or Chucky in these kind of movies with sequels but if they had actually turned good that would be terrible. With the puppets it's different. They're not good or evil. It depends on their master.

There's this demon named Sutek who has these little minions called Totems. Apparently Andre Toulon stole their secret of giving life to inanimate objects and they're pissed about it. Now Sutek is going to send his Totems to the "Upworld" and kill all these motherfuckers. At the same time there's a guy named Rick Myers who's studying artificial intelligence. He just happens to be the caretaker at the Bodega Bay Inn. What are the chances? He finds Toulon's secret and the puppets have to protect he and his friends from the Totems.

The stop-motion effects in this one are some of the best. Instead of a scene where a puppet tries to kill a person there are elaborate fights with puppets and Totems and it's really pleasing to the eye. The few blood effects are decent but there isn't much. Most of it comes from the Totems being killed.

The new puppet for this movie is... Decapitron! Some third grader somewhere had to have won a contest to name this fucking puppet. Decapitron? Really? That's fucking shit. Luckily he's not in this movie very long. Just the end.

I love this movie but it's by no means perfect. For starters, Torch is on the cover of the DVD but nowhere to be found in the film. Also, Andre Toulon is a German who lived in Germany but his journal is written in English? What the fuck? None of that shit takes away from another entertaining awful horror movie.

Fun Facts: This movie was shot the same time as Puppet Master 5.

Puppet Checklist:
Six Shooter

Puppet Master:
Rick Myers

Kill Count:
Dr. Leslie Piper (10:05) Energy absorbed by a Totem.
Dr. Carl Baker (20:26) Energy absorbed by a Totem.
Cameron (52:05) Scratched and bit to death by Totems.

Horror Film: 6
Entertainment: 9
Gore: 5
Overall Rating: 6.5