Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (2012)

Director: Charles Band

Starring: Kip Canyon, Jean Louise O'Sullivan, Oto Brezina

Run Time: 1:26

Rant: Here we have (as of now) the final Puppet Master film. It strange to think this is the first installment directed by Charles Band. That is of course if we don't count the dreadful Puppet Master: The Legacy. Axis Rising is a direct sequel to Axis of Evil taking place a day after the events of the previous movie. Right off the bat we have some issues. All the fucking actors are different. Not a single one returns. I'm sure that's something Charles Band had no control over but it's really jarring. In the previous movie the evil Japanese dragon lady Ozu steals Jester, Tunneler and Leech Woman from Danny Coogan but in this movie she only stole Tunneler. It's not a big deal but watching these movies back to back is something you shouldn't do.

Danny Coogan and his girlfriend Beth are brought in and questioned by the government about what took place in Axis of Evil. He assigns a Sergeant Stone to watch over them so they don't get into trouble. At the same time, there's an Austrian doctor that's been kidnapped by the Nazis. He's been ordered to make an army of Nazi zombies but has had no success. The Nazis find Tunneler, get the serum and make some puppet of their own.

Instead of creating another ally to Blade and Pinhead and all those guys, they decided to make four brand new enemy puppets. What a fantastic idea. We have Bombshell, a blonde woman in a Nazi uniform that can shoot bullets out of her tits. Weremacht, who is a werewolf. Blizkrieg, who's a half puppet/half tank. And finally Kamikaze, who is a living bomb. All four of these designs are great, especially Blitzkrieg. They really feel like something Full Moon would have created in the early 90s, which in my opinion is their best era. Not only do all the puppets in this movie look good but it's some of the best puppet effects since Puppet Master 5.

This movie takes a little while to start rolling but once it does it's a blast. It doesn't have a kill as good as Axis of Evil but there is a little bit of gore in here. Puppet Master X is an enjoyable awful horror movie.

Puppet Checklist:
Leech Woman
Six Shooter

Nazi Puppet Checklist:

Puppet Master:
Danny Coogan

Kill Count:
Nazi Soldier (4:00) Drilled in the forehead by Tunneler.
Ozu (4:33) Shot by Kommandant Moebius
Chinese Man (22:54) Throat cut by Moebius.
Uschi (46:14) Shot in the forehead by Moebius.
Photographer (68:35) Shot to death by Blitzkrieg.
Major Collins (69:11) Shot by Bombshell.
Nazi Soldier (1:13:47) Leech vomited into mouth by Leech Woman.
Sergeant Stone (1:17:53) Stabbed in the stomach by Moebius.
Kommandant Moebius (1:19:20) Stabbed in the back of the head by Blade.

Horror Film: 6
Entertainment: 8
Gore: 5
Overall: 6.2