Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zombie Hunter (2013)

Starring: Martin Copping, Danny Trejo, and Clare Niederpruem

Homicidal Maniac: Zombies

Run time: 1:32:50

Quick Synopsis: A new drug is turning its users into zombies.  A group of survivors team up to try to stop the threat.

I think I am going to keep this review short because there really is not much too see here.  Movies like this are a dime a dozen at this point.  Its got all the normal ingredients: awful acting, shitty effects, no plot.  A lot of these movies can be fun but Zombie Hunter just made me feel indifferent to be honest.  I guess the lead has some entertainment value and a Trejo cameo is always fun, but nothing here is noteworthy (Trejo zombie-killing
montage might be for some).  There is truly nothing that you will talk about once the movie is over.  You just close the Netflix page in your web browser and go about your day.  It won't make you mad like some movies that are unintentionally bad just won't make you happy like it was supposed to do.  There is something truly pathetic about trying to make something awful and the audience understands this, however, still comes away thinking that there expectations were not met.  All we ask for is some good camp, and movies like this just can't deliver what we want.  This is just another zombie-featured awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Danny Trejo has no more fucks to give. 

Hidden Gem:  Poster for two more shitty movies can be scene during the film: Osombie and Orcs!.

Total Kill Count: 6
Lyle- Jake Suazo (43:00) Eaten by Zombies Gore Rating: 7
Jesus- Danny Trejo (50:00) Decapitated Gore Rating: 4
Debbie- Jade Regier (1:06:00) Chainsaw through Chest Gore Rating: 6
Funny Man- Jeff Kirkman (1:09:00) Cut in Half by Chainsaw Gore Rating: 6
Jerry- Terry Guthrie (1:18:00) Eaten by Zombies Gore Rating: 4
Hunter- Martin Copping (1:28:00) Stabbed with Claws/Blown Up/Slits Own Throat Gore Rating: 3

             Horror Film: 3
             Entertainment: 5 
             Gore: 6
             Overall: 4.25