Saturday, December 20, 2014

Don't Blink (2014)

Starring: Joanne Kelly, Brian Austin Green, and Zack Ward

Homicidal Maniac:  Existence

Run time: 1:32:00

Quick Synopsis:  Ten people on vacation at a secluded mountain resort arrive to find the place abandoned.  

Properly reviewing this is going to tough for me because personally it is really interesting, however, I know that it won't be for most of the audience.  I think the most important thing to discuss upfront in this review is that if you do not like movies that do not explain a mystery in any way, do not waste your time with Don't Blink.  There is little chance that you will come out of the movie happy.  After acknowledging that the story and mystery is actually entertaining you will become even more frustrated.  Personally, I did not have any issue with the ending.  The movie as a whole is a metaphor for life, however, the point of view is coming from someone that has a semi-existential outlook on the world.  
The title of the film, Don't Blink, has a much deeper meaning than many would expect at the beginning of the movie.  The feeling the average person will have at the end of the film will mirror the philosophies of the existentialist.  The lack of an answer is similar to the fact that there is no answer to life.  Existentialists believe life has no purpose and no explanation. They are attempting to portray the idea that once a life ceases to exist, it will be as though they were erased from the world.  There is no after life, there is just nothingness.  Additionally, there is no escaping this situation.  During the film, some attempted to escape in a car, someone committed suicide, and someone decided to give up all together, but all there situations ended the same way.  They disappeared from existence.  Some will really enjoy Don't Blink, but most will dislike this awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  Just because a low budget film says that someone that you know is going to "star" in a movie, that does not mean they will be in it for long.

Hidden Gem: There is a mention of the Twilight Zone in the film, which is interesting for the simple fact that many will feel as though the movie is like an extended episode of the show.

Order of Disappearance:
Tracy- Mena Suvari (33:00) While standing with entire group
Noah- David de Lautour (36:00) While alone with Ella
Lucas- Curtiss Frisle (44:00) While alone with Amelia
Amelia- Emelie O'Hara (52:00) While in kitchen with entire group
Sam- Leif Gantvoort (55:00) While in car with Charlotte
Ella- Fiona Gubelmann (1:01:00) While in bed with Jack
Noah- David de Lautour (1:10:00) While alone outside door 
Alex- Zack Ward (1:14:00) After Suicide
Charlotte- Samantha Jacobs (1:25:00) While in Bathroom with Jack and Claire
Jack- Brian Austin Green (1:26:00) While in Bathroom with Claire
Entire Rescue Team (1:29:00) While rescuing
Claire- Joanne Kelly (1:29:00) As Credits Role

Total Kill Count:
Alex- Zack Ward (1:13:00) Shoots Himself Gore Rating: 6

             Horror Film: 6
             Entertainment: 7
             Suspense: 6
             Overall: 6.25