Monday, December 1, 2014

Final Destination (2000)

Starring: Ali Larter, Devon Sawa, and Kerr Smith

Homicidal Maniac: Death

Run time: 1:38:00

Intro Vision: Plane Crash

Quick Synopsis:  A high school student has a vision of his flight to Paris ending in a crash.  After leaving the plane, his vision comes true and now death wants to finish the job and kill the students that were supposed to die on the plane.

If Final Destination teaches anything it's the fact that death can be a real asshole.  Fortunately for the viewers, the reaper is a creative asshole.  While the concept is original and clever, the best part of the film, and the series as a whole, is discovering how these characters are going to die.  That is not to say that the characters are not likable, they just don't matter.  Honestly, anyone that came into the movie to see some character development and Oscar-winning performances is just a foolish human-being.  While that point may be truer for the sequels, it is still the case in the original film.  This does not mean that the film is not entertaining, or a bad horror movie.  The kill scenes alone provide enough entertainment, and the originality of the concept make it a solid awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The idea for the movie was originally supposed to by an episode of The X-Files. 

Hidden Gem: The music played throughout the movie was all by John Denver, who died in a plane crash.

Total Kill Count: 6
Plane Passengers (19:00) Plane Explodes Gore Rating: 1
Tod- Chad Donella (37:00) Strangled Gore Rating: 3
Terry- Amanda Detmer (49:00) Hit by Bus Gore Rating: 5
Ms. Lewton- Kristen Cloke (1:01:00) Glass to Neck/Knife to Chest Gore Rating: 6
Billy- Seann William Scott (1:13:00) Decapitated Gore Rating: 5
Carter- Kerr Smith (1:32:00) Hit by Large Sign/Offscreen Gore Rating: ---

             Horror Film: 7
             Entertainment: 8
             Gore: 5
             Overall: 6.75