Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Final Destination 3 (2006)

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, and Kris Lemche

Homicidal Maniac: Death

Intro Vision: Roller Coaster Accident

Run time: 1:33:00

Quick Synopsis:  Death's plan is all messed up again, this time after a premonition of a roller coaster accidents saves the lives of a group of amusement park visitors.  

You really have to respect the decision-making of the people behind Final Destination 3.  Up until this point in the franchise there appear to be some semblance of an attempt at quality acting and story-telling, but most of the fans of the first two films honestly didn't care.  All they cared about was the initial premonition and seeing the most creative deaths possible.  So what does the third film do?  Final Destination 3 ignores that story-telling and character building bull shit and focuses solely on the kills.  Really there are so many
moments that will make your eyes roll due to the awfulness in terms of logic, but (as has become a trend in these reviews) it doesn't really matter.  The creativity and brutality of the kills step up a notch in this film to counteract the film's new flaws.  Every single character character is either unlikable or insignificant and usually that is a bad thing if they are going to die, however, in this case it just adds to the attraction.  Once again there are new wrinkles added, this time there are pictures that help to predict each death.  It kinda shows that the filmmakers haven't completely mailed it in.  Honestly, this is pretty faint praise because I doubt they really gave two shits about the plot of the movie.  Final Destination 3 is a pure popcorn awful horror movie.  

Fun Fact:  While Tony Todd does not make an as a mortician like he does in the first two films, his voice is used as the Devil at the entrance of the roller coaster.

Hidden Gem: There are several references it presidential assassinations throughout the film.  Some of the more subtle references included the names of the school (McKinley) and subway stations (Oswald, Booth).

Total Kill Count:
Roller Coaster Passengers (21:00) Roller Coaster Accident Gore Rating: 8
Ashlyn- Crystal Lowe (38:00) Burns Alive in Tanning Bed Gore Rating: 7
Ashley- Chelan Simmons (38:00) Burns Alive in Tanning Bed Gore Rating: 7
Frankie Cheeks- Sam Easton (47:00) Brain Meets Flying Car Engine Gore Rating: 8
Lewis- Texas Battle (55:00) Head Smashed in by Weights Gore Rating: 8
Erin- Alexz Johnson (1:05:00) Nail Gun to the Head Gore Rating: 7
Perry- Maggie Ma (1:16:00) Flag Pole through Chest Gore Rating: 6
Ian- Kris Lemche (1:19:00) Crushed by Sign Gore Rating: 9

             Horror Film: 5
             Entertainment: 7
             Gore: 8
             Overall: 6.25