Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, and Peter Friedkin

Homicidal Maniac: Death

Run time: 1:32:00

Quick Synopsis:  After a man's premonitions save them from a suspension-bridge collapse, the survivors realize that death has come to finish the job.

After the last couple Final Destination films, the fifth installment was a pleasant change of pace.  Final Destination 5 was made with actual effort.  It was not simply a mish-mash of entertaining kills with little character development like the last few.  The acting was not great, but the characters had a decent level of likability, which is a major upgrade from the standard that was set.  Most of the victims actually have more scenes than just their death and the original premonition.  The kill scenes are done well, creating suspense even though the audience knows that the person is going to be dying.  They may be some of my
favorites from the series.  During the review for The Final Destination I complained about how they did the 3-D for the film.  It is much better in this movie.  Its much less distracting when watching the non-3-D version than its predecessor.  One other change within this film was the lack of visions from the main character.  However, I don't think it holds much significance in the long run for the viewer.  The films climax isn't the greatest in terms of logic but the actual scene is entertaining.  The twist at the end of the movie is also pretty cool and it showed some thought was put into the movie.  Also it was a great way to give the series some closure.  Final Destination 5 is a great way to conclude an awful horror series. 
*Assuming this is the end*

Fun Fact:  A water park was rejected as one of the death sequences for the film. 

Hidden Gem: The picture knocked off of Olivia's desk was taken at the roller coaster from the third film.

Total Kill Count: 13
Bridge Collapse Victims (20:00) Bridge Collapse Accident Gore Rating: 9
Candace- Ellen Wroe (36:00) Neck, Back and Legs Snapped  Gore Rating: 8
Isaac- P.J. Byrne (51:00) Head Crushed by Buddha Gore Rating: 6
Olivia- Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (1:00:00) Falls Out Window Gore Rating: 7
Roy- Brent Stait (1:05:00) Hooked through the Neck Gore Rating; 5
Dennis- David Koechner (1:08:00) Hit with Wrench Gore Rating: 8
Agent Block- Courtney B. Vance (1:19:00) Shot in the Back Gore Rating: 5
Peter- Miles Fisher (1:21:00) Stabbed in the Back Gore Rating: 6
Plane Passenger (1:24:00) Falls Out of Hole in Plane Gore Rating: 1
Molly- Emma Bell (1:25:00) Cut in Half by Wing of Plane Gore Rating: 5
Sam- Nicholas D'Agosto (1:25:00) Burns Alive in Plane Explosion Gore Rating 4
Plane Passengers (1:25:00) Burns Alive in Plane Explosion Gore Rating 4
Nathan- Arlen Escarpeta (1:26:00) Crushed by Bar Ceiling Gore Rating: 6

             Horror Film: 7
             Entertainment: 8
             Gore: 7
             Overall: 7.25