Monday, December 29, 2014

Mockingbird (2014)

Starring: Audrey Marie Anderson, Todd Stashwick, Barak Hardley, and Alexandra Lydon

Homicidal Maniac: Jacob and his friends 

Run time: 1:21:00

Quick Synopsis:  Multiple people find cameras at their doorstep and are given the instructions to continue filming or face the consequences.  

At first, most will wonder why this film has such awful ratings.  Sure it is nowhere near perfect and there are many scenes that will make you roll your eyes, but these scenes could easily be overlooked with a decent ending.  Especially, when you consider some of the better scenes early on where there is a solid feeling of suspense built up.  
Unfortunately, the movie ends in quite possibly the most asinine reveal that could have been imagined.  If you are told the reveal, you won't see at as bad; you may even think that it is pretty clever.  However, for those who actually see how the movie unfolds, it will feel like a true kick to the testicles.  And that is just the beginning.  All those bad scenes you brushed off come back to you to pump up your level of annoyance.  Everything in a film like this becomes so much worse with a shit ending.  The acting develops a stench.  The "found footage" concept becomes even more tiring.  The plot holes become craters.  Mockingbird is an awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  The writer/director, Bryan Bertino, also directed The Strangers.

Hidden Gem:  Not the ending of this film.

Total Kill Count:
Leonard- Barak Hardley (1:14:00) Shot Gore Rating: 3
Tom- Todd Stashwick (1:14:00) Shot Gore Rating: 3
Beth- Alexandra Lydon (1:14:00) Shot Gore Rating: 3
Emmy- Audrey Marie Anderson (1:14:00) Shot Gore Rating: 3

             Horror Film: 4
             Entertainment: 4
             Suspense: 6
             Overall: 4.5