Monday, December 22, 2014

The Final Destination (2009)

Starring: Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, and Haley Webb

Homicidal Maniac: Death

Run time: 1:22:00

Quick Synopsis:  Death comes back to clean up another mess; this time made by the visions of a guy at a race track.

There is no way that this movie was not put together in 3 hours one afternoon.  I mean they didn't even take the time to create names with half the characters in the movie.  The movie has characters that appear in multiple scenes credited as Mechanic, Racist, Racist's Girlfriend, and MILF's husband.  The films logic is all over the place.  The main
characters in the film have no continuity and seem to have changes in characteristics that come out of nowhere.  I understand the idea of character arc and growth of characters from the beginning to the end of the film.  The writer of this film doesn't, or at least didn't care enough to add concept to the film.  As I have explained before though, nobody really cares about this stuff, The Final Destination is all about the kills, but come on at least make it seem like you are trying a little bit.  Speaking of the kills, there are definitely some really enjoyable death scenes, however, since the movie is in 3-D some of the kills at the racetrack seemed a little gimmick.  Some might not see that as an issue, but I don't think they are necessary and the filmmakers should have used more creative ways of using the 3-D effects.  The mechanic's death is a great example how to properly use them.  Once again there are hints to each kill.  I was kind of annoyed with the addition of the phrase "it's here" to each premonition.  I am sure no one watching the film could have known that something was about to happen without the warning.  Same with the character who has been seeing crazy shit happening all around him.  Another little issue with the film is the title of The Final Destination.  I'm not even talking about the fact that there is another film.  Shit like that happens all the time in the horror genre.  My issue is that there is nothing within the film that gives the series any closure at all.  The Final Destination is a pure money grab of an awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: This is the first Final Destination film without Tony Todd.  He was working on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the time.

Hidden Gem:  The opening credits of the film allows the audience to relive many of the killings from the original 3 movies.

Total Kill Count: 11+
Racetrack Accident Victims (11:00) Racetrack Accident Gore Rating: 8
Mechanic's Girlfriend- Stephanie Honore (11:00) Decapitated by Tire Gore Rating: 8
Racist- Justin Welborn (21:00) Caught on Fire/Explodes Gore Rating: 6
Samantha- Krista Allen (29:00) Rock Shot Through Eye Gore Rating: 7
Mechanic- Andrew Fiscella (38:00) Grated in to Pieces Gore Rating: 8
Hunt- Nick Zano (50:00) Sucked into Pool Pump Gore Rating: 7
Cowboy- Jackson Walker (59:00) Crushed by Hospital Tub Gore Rating: 2
George- Mykelti Williamson (1:09:00) Hit by Ambulance Gore Rating: 5
Janet- Haley Webb (1:16:00) Skull Crushed by Truck Gore Rating: 5
Lori- Shantell VanSanten (1:16:00) Hit by Truck/Broken Neck Gore Rating: 5
Nick- Bobby Campo (1:16:00) Hit by Truck/Head Smashed Off Wall Gore Rating: 5

             Horror Film: 4
             Entertainment: 6
             Gore: 7
             Overall: 5.25