Friday, January 9, 2015

Arcade (1990)

Director: Albert Pyun

Starring: Megan Ward, Peter Billingsly, John DeLancie

Run Time: 1:21

Rant: If this site was called AwfulActionMovies we would certainly have more than a few Albert Pyun reviews under our belt. He directed countless horrible movies including the 1990 Captain America and Spitfire but what about his horror work? There are only a few and they're actually not bad at all. Dollman, one of my favorite guilty pleasures(considered horror but more Sci-Fi/Action), and Arcade are two underrated movies that deserve at least one watch from a horror movie fan.

Written by David Goyer, Arcade is a corny product of it's time but I think it helps the film more than it hurts. Some gamers go to their local arcade where a CEO of a gaming company is testing a brand new game. It's called "Arcade" and it seems like it has a mind of it's own. Eventually it starts sucking the kids into it's world and a girl named Alex (played by Megan Ward) along with her friend Nick (played by Peter Billingsly) have to stop it.

The effects are all low budget CGI which usually suck fat assholes but it makes sense for this virtual reality world. The voice of Arcade is like a silly Freddy Krueger voice that says "bitch" a lot but I actually like it. This movie isn't perfect at all and there's plenty of corny lines that will make you sick to your stomach but I think Arcade is a lot of fun and an underrated awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Seth Green plays a character called Stilts in this movie.

Horror Film: 6.5
Entertainment: 8
Suspense: 4.5
Overall Rating: 6.3