Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seedpeople (1992)

Director: Peter Manoogian

Starring: Sam Hennings, Andrea Roth, Dane Witherspoon

Run Time: 1:21

Rant: This is an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers ripoff. I have no problem with that but it's not executed well at all. The fucking cover is cool as hell. It's what I've come to call the attack of the "Cover Trickster." Interesting on the outside but once you open it up it smells like shit.

There's this guy in a hospital bed ranting and raving to an FBI agent about the bullshit going on where he lives. The rest of the story is told in flashbacks. Basically the guy returns to his quiet little home town looking for this stupid fucking meteorite. He eventually finds out the town is being overrun by these alien plant creatures or seedpeople. It's only an hour and twenty minutes long. Why is it so boring?

The actual seedpeople monsters look pretty cool but they're not scary at all. If anything they're fucking silly. They roll around like tumbleweeds or pieces of shit. Some gore would have been nice but they don't give you anything. Must have spent the entire budget on the creatures. It's entertaining in parts but overall a seedy awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: John Carl Buechler created the plant-like creatures. He also designed the Demonic Toys and directed Friday the 13th Part VII.

Horror Film: 4
Entertainment: 5.5
Suspense: 4
Overall: 4.3