Saturday, February 21, 2015

Neverlake (2012)

Starring: Daisy Keeping, Martin Kashirokov, and Anna Dalton

Homicidal Maniac: David Brandon as Dr. Brook

Run time: 1:26:00

Quick Synopsis: A woman visiting her father in Italy attempts to find answers to the local legends revolving around the lake in her father's small town.

I think that Neverlake teaches a lesson that may not be discussed too often, however, definitely exists within all storytelling.  Having a great story to tell doesn't mean you will be able to tell that story properly.  If I were to give a summary of the film, most people reading would be intrigued.  Unfortunately, the pacing of the film really becomes a detriment and makes the film lose its luster.  I am used to a slow-burn but this movie just
takes it too far.  (It took me weeks to finish the film, due to the boredom created by the movie.)  Maybe if more experienced acting took on the film the pace could have been overcome by decent dialogue.  Instead the audience is left with mostly underwhelming scenes for most of the film.  The question becomes, will the payoff at the end of the film be worth it?  And the answer really depends on the viewer.  I know that is pretty much a cop out but it fits in this situation.  The film is not for everyone, but there will many that really enjoy the film.  There are some decent twists and turns that go along with interesting supernatural elements that give the films ending some true substance.  Also the are some interesting parallels to both Peter Pan and Frankenstein. (The weirdest combination ever, but it works somehow.)  Neverlake is a mostly uneventful, but somehow effective awful horror movie.

Fun Fact:  Director Riccardo Paoletti lost 15 pounds during the shooting of film.  A side effect of putting all of the money had into the low budget film.

Hidden Gem:  The underwater scenes were filmed in a swimming childbirth pool.

Total Kill Count:
Dr. Brook- David Brandon (1:15:00) Drowned Gore Rating: 1
Maya- Anna Dalton (1:15:00) Organs Supernaturally Removed Gore Rating: 6

             Horror Film: 7
             Entertainment: 4
             Suspense: 5
             Overall: 5.75