Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nothing Left to Fear (2013)

Starring: Rebekah Brandes, Ethan Peck, and James Tupper

Homicidal Maniac: Jennifer Stone as Mary (Possessed)

Run time: 1:40:00

Quick Synopsis:  A pastor and his family move to a small town with a truly evil secret.

There is nothing worse than not giving two shits about the movie you are watching.  I would rather watch a complete piece of garbage than something lackluster like this movie.  While the quality of the film is better than some of the awful horror movies on this site, Nothing Left to Fear is definitely one of the most forgettable films that I have watched.  There is not a single memorable performance, scene, or image throughout the film.  Every aspect of the plot has been done before and done much better.  I felt as though everyone working on the film had a few free weekends and decided to go collect a paycheck. They all seemed to sleepwalk through the film.  The suspense was almost nonexistent and always felt forced and poorly timed.  The CGI used for the film was similar to the effects random Youtubers use to make those cheap jump scare videos.  There is Nothing Left to Fear except this awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: Apparently Slash has his own production company.

Hidden Gem: Slash helped work on the film's score.

Total Kill Count:
Wendy- Anne Heche (1:14:00) Consumed by the Darkness Gore Rating: 1
Dan- James Tupper (1:18:00) Consumed by the Darkness Gore Rating: 1
Christopher- Carter Cabassa (1:27:00) Consumed by the Darkness Gore Rating: 1
Mary- Jennifer Stone (1:33:00) Sacrificed Gore Rating: 1

             Horror Film: 4
             Entertainment: 3
             Suspense: 2
             Overall: 3.25