Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nature of the Beast (1995)

Starring: Eric Roberts, Lance Henriksen, and Brion James

Run time: 1:31:00

Quick Synopsis: Two men travel through a highway while the cops search for a murderer and a thief.

I am pretty sure there are two types of people when it comes to this movie.  Either you enjoyed the movie or you never heard of it in your entire life.  Kinda similar to how people feel about the film's star Lance Henriksen.  The movie also stars Eric Roberts and together they control the show and create a memorable story.  It is one of the rare horror-(ish) films that are both a good ride and a strong payoff.  Most will love the movies twist, others will discover it early but they won't be insulted by it.  Salva attempted to trick the audience a little too much in my opinion.  Sometimes creating scenarios that seem a little illogical later in the film.  Nothing that cannot be explained with decent arguments, however, they still exist.  I think it is important to reiterate how good the two leads were in the film because without them some of the films minor flaws would have stuck out a little bit more.  Mr. Salva must have a hard on for highway killers, he also directed the Jeepers Creepers films.  This film has a much darker tone to it that makes it stand out from those films that followed it.  Nature of the Beast is an underpublicized awful horror movie.
Fun Fact: While the film is set in Nevada, it was actually shot in Southern California.  California Freeway 14 was on of the highways used.

Hidden Gem:  Director Victor Salva plays a customer at the start of the movie.

Total Kill Count:
Car Owner (2:00) Killed in Car with Hatchet Gore Rating: 1
Patsy- Eliza Roberts (22:00) Hatchet/Offscreen Gore Rating: 2
Gerald- Sasha Jenson (1:01:00) Hatchet/Offscreen Gore Rating: 1
Dahlia- Ana Gabriel (1:01:00) Hatchet/Offscreen Gore Rating: 1
Adrian- Eric Roberts (1:25:00) Hatchet/Offscreen Gore Rating: 1
             Horror Film: 7
             Entertainment: 8
             Suspense: 6
             Overall: 7.0