Monday, March 16, 2015

P2 (2007)

Starring: Rachel Nichols, Philip Akin, and Simon Reynolds

Homicidal Maniac: Wes Bentley as Thomas

Run time: 1:38:00

Quick Synopsis: A woman locked in a parking garage is stalked by a psychopath.

This is pretty straight forward "woman locked in where every the hell alone" movie.   There are no twists or tricks (the antogonist is revealed early in the film) and everything happens as you would expect.  What makes this one stick out is the over-the-top manner in which the movie was made.  This starts with the gore, which is borderline silly during a broken nail scene and many of the kills, including the death of dog (Aja gets off on killing animals I think) that appears to come back to life Michael Myers style for a minute.   Nothing in this film epitomizes over-the-top more than Wes Bentley, who definitely steals the show.  I am definitely not say they he is Christian Bale (at all), but I saw a lot of Patrick Bateman in Bentley's character.  He definitely helps the audience get through the film entertained.  Rachel Nichols does not do too bad either.  That is really important in a movie like this.  If the two leads in a movie like this are awful, a movie like this will always be awful.  If the leads are decent, they will be able to cover up some of the movies warts.  Given this fact, P2 is a decent awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: The movie was filmed over a two month period at a working Toronto parking garage.  Scenes were only shot at night.

Hidden Gem: Wes Bentley stated in an interview that the only reason he took the role in this film to have enough money to support his cocaine addiction.

Total Kill Count:
Jim- Simon Reynolds (46:00) Hit with a car multiple times Gore Rating: 9
Karl- Philip Akin (1:00:00) Found Dead/Struck in Head Gore Rating: 3
Thomas- Wes Bentley (1:32:00) Caught on Fire Gore Rating: 2

             Horror Film: 6
             Entertainment: 6
             Suspense: 4
             Overall: 5.5